What to Look for in a Wedding Caterer

Choosing a wedding caterer in the Bay Area is not a task taken lightly. When planning for a wedding, who you choose as a caterer can affect how smoothly the refreshments go and (just as important) how delicious they taste. Here are a few of the qualities a good wedding caterer should have, for you to keep in mind.

Is the caterer licensed? Are they experienced in catering weddings?

Ask if the caterer is licensed. This means that they have met your local department health standards and also carry liability insurance. Also, make sure this isn’t the caterer’s first rodeo (or, in this case, wedding) before deciding to sign them on.

Are their ingredients fresh, not frozen?https://handheldcatering.com/

Knowing where the caterer gets their ingredients can tell a lot about the food quality and the company itself. The more fresh and local the ingredients, the better. Additionally, ask if they are comfortable preparing the type of food you want for the reception. Find someone who shares your same taste in food to prevent misunderstandings or mishaps.

Do they function well under stress or in unexpected circumstances?

Can they handle things going wrong or at least not as planned? Make sure you hire a caterer with a cool head and flexible nature to minimize stress on the big day.

Do they provide tastings to sample the food?

Reading the reviews is good, but you’ll want to make sure you like their food. Ask if they provide tastings before choosing their service so you can know exactly what the food quality is and make an informed decision before deciding on a company.

Do you get along with the caterer not just on a professional but a personal level? Do you share the same vision for how you want the event to go?

Make sure the caterer is someone who is on the same page as you and is someone you want to work with in the weeks or months leading up to the wedding. Our team located in the Bay Area is willing to work with you to make sure we have your vision in mind. Call us at (408) 692-4782 or send us a message and let’s make your wedding a day to remember!