Be Memorable with High End Holiday Party Catering

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Palo Alto Holiday Party Catering

Don’t let your festive holiday plans be ruined by the stress of party planning. Throwing an amazing party that will impress your family, friends, or coworkers doesn’t have to take up your entire December to-do list. With high end catering from the best catering company in the Bay Area your holiday party, large or small, will be an event to remember this season, and for years to come. 

Holiday Party Catering Food

You may be wondering what full service catering can do for your next gathering. Well let’s start with the food. Everybody knows that while elegant and exotic dishes will be very memorable, there needs to be an equal amount of classic comfort foods, especially for the holidays. People in any setting will expect the familiar favorites they are accustomed to, while also sampling the more unique dishes as well. 

What is also important to note is the amount of food prepared. Even the most reserved guests let themselves go a bit during the most wonderful time of the year. You can expect that a few extra appetizers and sides will be needed to make sure everyone can have seconds (and sometimes even thirds!). Dessert is also an important factor for any Palo Alto holiday party catering. You can sample our handcrafted menu here

Full Service Catering Venue

Finding a venue of suitable size may be one of the most important factors. Scheduling and reserving a space takes so much energy that many people that go it alone get stuck here. This is where the expertise of a professional full service catering company comes in handy. We can often find venues in short notice, or even places normally reserved from the general public. While it is always best to start looking at least a month in advance, our team can help walk you through any questions or requests you may have. 

The type of venue that will be perfect for you will depend on your party size. If you are planning an intimate family gathering, then a smaller dining venue will be appropriate, but a large corporate event may require an entire convention hall! While we prioritize taking the stress of these decisions out of your hands, we also make sure you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your event. 

High End Holiday Party Catering Here for You

To stage a successful holiday gathering this December, rely on our exceptional Bay Area catering and event service. Contact Handheld Catering and Events! We create unparalleled experiences through customized food, beverage, and event services, using sustainable practices with a team that loves what it does!