Planning the Perfect Holiday Party Catering

Holiday Party Catering

Bay Area Holiday Party Catering

It’s that time of year when festivities abound, including important corporate holiday events. It takes a lot of work to make an important event successful. Planning, preparing, and making an event happen can be a lot less challenging and stressful when using a professional holiday party catering service. 

The Benefits of Catering for Corporate Holiday Events

The centerpiece of a successful corporate event (as well as other important events) is the menu. And that is where a professional corporate event catering service shines. The benefits of their services include: 

Planning. They will have the expertise to plan for the event to meet your budget and accomplish your goals. 

Menu. They will work with you to plan a menu that will delight all participants, giving you excellent menu options to choose from and serving delicious, quality food. They will also plan to meet any dietary accommodations. 

Food safety. They will have the permits and the expertise to make sure that food safety practices are used to ensure the health of all event participants.  

Time and fuss. They will save you time and eliminate the fuss of meal preparation and clean up. 

Holiday Party Catering

How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Holiday Event

Follow these steps to help you achieve a successful event: 

  • Determine the type of event to be held (formal, informal, lunch, dinner, etc.). 
  • Decide who will be invited. Getting a solid number will be key for your budget planning. 
  • Choose a time and date for the Holiday Party Catering as early in the process as possible. 
  • Develop a budget, including everything that you will need for the event.  
  • Choose a professional corporate caterer and event planner. 
  • Fifth, choose an event location. Then book your chosen date and location early enough to secure your place. 
  • Create a theme for the event.  
  • Work with your chosen full service catering and event planning company to develop the food and drink menu to fit your theme, plus choose a service format, and table service components. 
  • Plan an agenda for the event. 

Choose A Great San Francisco Area Caterer 

Contact Handheld Catering and Events in San Jose and Santa Clara, for exceptional Holiday Party Catering and event planning services. We are a full-service corporate and event catering company serving the San Francisco Bay Area. We have a team driven to exceed all expectations and we create unparalleled experiences through serving delicious gourmet food, beverage, and event services.