The Heart of Italian Food Comes From Central Italy

Certain menus have become Americanized over the years, losing that authentic Italian feel. One age-old theme, one of the most beloved party ideas of all time, is going for a fully authentic Italian dinner. For the true roots of Italian food, you have to look beyond the dishes—you have to look to where each ingredient comes from, ensuring quality over quantity, and utilizing authentic ingredients with no fillers or unnecessary components. Period.


The Common Misconception


A lot of businesses slap the word Italian on their signs, fliers, and business cards, but they seldom understand what true Italian food consists of. Common pizza joints are absolutely not at the forefront of Italian dining, though, through widespread distribution of a marketing ploy, they’ve become what the public assumes Italian food actually is. There’s an elegant superiority to authentic Italian dishes, and it shows in every single bite.


The Setup


There are various steps in the setup of a true Italian dinner that aren’t customary to how we indulge in America. For instance, did you know that the salad comes after the entrée, not before? There are loads of little quips and tricks of the trade that come into play when you’re mapping out the proper way to enjoy an authentic Italian meal. Many of them come as a total culture shock to us here in the states, despite believing that we’ve been wining and dining like they do in Rome.


Everlasting Party Ideas


There are few individuals who don’t enjoy some aspect of Italian food culture. It feels elegant, inspiring, and brings on a certain romance about it. It’s also been an age-old go-to for party ideas, and we’re not just talking about the food. Attire, décor, and everything in between—there’s nothing like attending an all-Italian themed bash, and living in another culture for just one night. Whether it inspires wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries, or any other event you can Italianize, you’ll feel as if you’ve transpired continents in a single moment, that you’ve leapt back through time to a world of excellent company, and extravagant food.


Italians are passionate about their food; how it’s prepared, how it’s coupled with wines and other foods. You show someone how much you care about them with a homecooked meal that’s been slaved over, had love poured into it—dishes that relax your soul and ease your body. That’s exactly what we can do for you. 

Check out our menu page for delicious Italian cuisine examples we can prepare or give us a call to discuss your needs for a perfect Italian themed event

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