Spice Up Your Meals When the Temperature Goes Down

Winter hits, and we’re just not looking forward to the same food we’ve been eating all summer and fall long. Our favorite restaurants are a safe haven for quality and consistency on our favorite dishes, but we need some spice, some zeal if you will. Spicy food actually helps your immune system, too, so you’re less likely to get sick during the chilly months. These are a few of our favorite restaurants in the Bay Area. There’s just nowhere better to get the best spicy food in San Francisco.

  1. Z & Y Restaurant

Voted as one of the top restaurants in 2016, Z & Y brings you the right spice in authentic Chinese dishes. Heat up your palette and your dish selection with Chef Han’s authentic Asian cuisine and inspired meals. You haven’t truly dined in the Bay Area until you’ve stopped in to Z & Y.

  1. Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Hot pots are a load of fun that add spice to your dish (at your discretion). If you’re heading out on a double date, or as a group with your friends and colleagues, there’s nothing better than a spiced experience that’s sure to build a bond, and excite your usual diet.

  1. Eric’s Restaurant

Since 1991, Eric’s has been the spot to go for the perfect blend of Chinese food and fresh produce. Eric’s strongly believes in limited the number of non-organic ingredients, bringing you dishes that you can feel good about while adding a bit of flair to your usual dining routine.

  1. East Bay Spice Company

We’ve all gone to Indian restaurants that just don’t seem to bring authenticity to the table. That’s because you haven’t dined at East Bay Spice Company. If you’ve never tasted curry in your life, and you want the absolute best flavor train experience possible, it’s time to test your expectations on a safe bet. There’s no better curry in all of the San Francisco Bay Area.

  1. Sahn Maru Korean BBQ

This place should be a local landmark for certain. Authentic Korean food comes with spice and savory flavors, and Sahn Maru delivers the cultural experience in every single bite. If you’re been looking for the perfect spot to bring a date or have a zen lunch hour, your search has come to its end.


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