Why You Should Choose a Great Bay Area Catering Company

Bay Area catering company

Professional Event Catering is Available to You

If you’ve got an important event coming up, it’s critical for you to choose the best of the local catering and event planning companies to ensure that your event is successful, because everyone will remember the food and service of a Bay Area Catering event. 

What Kinds of Events Can be Catered by a Great Caterer

All kinds of events can be catered including weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, family reunions, cultural rites of passage, retirement parties, engagement celebrations, holiday parties of all kinds, and many kinds of corporate events. A great caterer will have a passion for food and service. They’ll have creativity, their staff will be pleasant and caring, and they’ll pay attention to details.

Why Choose a Professional Caterer versus DIY 

For some events, it may be tempting to round up a few friends and relatives and do it all yourself. But using a professional caterer offers the benefits of much less anxiety, pressure, and hassle. A caterer will help you achieve a more positive impression and overall, a more successful, polished event. A caterer will offer more menu options including knowing how to deal with dietary restrictions. Plus, their handling of guest service will make a big difference. Ultimately, a caterer can save you a lot of time and money.  

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How to Choose Wedding Catering 

To choose wedding catering, first, check their reviews and references. Second, consider your specific needs and circumstances. What specialties do they have? Can they handle the size of your event? Third, ask about their menu and dietary options and always schedule a menu tasting. Fourth, ask for their food safety certifications. Fifth, ask about serving styles and options. Sixth, ask about venue recommendations and familiarity. And seventh, look for scheduling options and flexibility. 

How to Plan a Corporate Event 

To plan a corporate event, start by defining the purpose of the event and decide on your audience. Set a realistic budget including some “cushion” funds to deal with any unexpected expenses. Choose an event format and a theme. Select an appropriate location and venue. And plan a logistics timeline. 

Choose An Expert Bay Area Catering Company 

For exceptional Bay Area catering and event service, contact Handheld Catering and Events in San Jose and Santa Clara. We create unparalleled experiences through customized food, beverage, and event services, with a driven team to make your event great by exceeding all expectations.