How to Choose the Best Wedding Catering Company for Your Venue

Wedding Catering Tips to Consider with the Venue

Sometimes the search for reliable wedding catering companies can seem overwhelming. Hundreds of potential vendors might be able to help you throw a memorable event for your guests. But how should you think more constructively about the selection and planning process?

Whether you’re strategizing a laid back, bohemian reception or a formal, classical meal, consider the expectations of your guests. What foods will complement the theme of your wedding day? What emotional experiences do you want your guests to have?

Once you select a venue, you will be constrained in terms of which catering companies you can choose. Many venues only work with a prescribed list of caterers. So if you know a preferred caterer – perhaps someone you met through planning a corporate catering in the Bay Area, for instance, who did an amazing job – ask him or her which venues they service before choosing your venue.

Your event catering company will likely offer several different serving styles, from family style table serving to a heavy appetizers cocktail party. Depending on the events and your schedule, you can choose anything from a small tasting menu to a full, three-course meal. Remember that tasting the menu can be a fun way for you and your fiancé to bond, so enjoy the catering selection process. Along those lines, be sure to reserve some time during the actual wedding to sample and savor the food. It’s easy to get lost in the process of chatting up all your friends and family members… and to leave your own wedding starving and craving take-out! Ask your caterer to set aside food for you and your beloved, so you can eat later.

Keep your budget in mind as you evaluate your menu and venue needs. Once you have determined the venue and food selections, you can scale your menu up or down according to your budget. Tell your caterer and venue up front about budget constraints. Consider investing strategically. A coffee bar during dessert, for instance, can charge up the crowd with caffeine, so that everyone gets dancing!

Enjoy the Best Wedding Catering in the Bay Area

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