The Multiple Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Event Caterer

Catering and Event Planning Companies for You

When you’re planning a party, you have many catering options. The larger the gathering, the more benefits you get from a full-service event caterer. If you’re looking for a SF Bay Area special events caterer, Handheld Catering will fit your needs. We tailor our services to what you want. Here’s why a Full-Service Event Caterer is just what you need.

Detailed Catering Menu Selection

Choosing a menu for your party can be difficult. It’s hard enough to decide you want to serve while accommodating each guest’s special dietary requirements. Traditional caterers are often limited to a menu, while full-service caterers can create a specialized menu around your ideas and seasonal items.

Bay Area Venue Selection

With so many Bay Area private event venues, it can be overwhelming finding the right venue to host your party. A full service caterer can help you select the perfect venue for the size of your party, the amenities you need, and accessibility, all while managing your budget. You’ll save time and money by letting your caterer help you make the selection.


Setup at Your Special Event

Traditional caterers are usually only concerned about the food that will be served. Catering and event planning companies that offer full service can help you set up the tables and chairs, provide dinnerware for any type of service, and even help source table decorations and floral arrangements.

Cleanup After Your Catered Event

A full-service catering service won’t leave until the event is over and cleaned up to the venue’s specifications. We pack up the leftover food for you to take home. Our team handles the cleanup so you don’t have to worry about taking care of the venue after a full day.

Professional SF Catering Service

The food can be awesome. The event can be well-organized. But if the customer service isn’t spectacular, your guests won’t be happy. A full-service caterer has servers, bartenders, and all the personnel your event needs to keep everyone happy. You can be the host you need to be without worrying about all the minor details.

Choose A Great SF Bay Area Special Events Caterer 

If you’re looking at Bay Area private event venues for a special event, contact Handheld Catering to learn more about what we can do for your party.