What Does Full Service Catering Mean?

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Bay Area Private Event Catering Explained

If you have an important event coming up that involves more than a homemade gathering of a few people, it is wise to secure the services of one of the best catering and event planning companies to help make sure that your event is special and memorable. 

What Are the Categories of Catering

There are four general categories of catering. First is wedding catering. Second is corporate catering which can include events like a training meeting, annual report gathering, team-building dinner or luncheon, and awards presentation. Third is a variety of social gatherings like birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, family reunions, and retirement parties. And fourth is concession catering which can service many types of sporting events. 

What is Full-Service Catering?

Limited-service catering focuses just on cooking and providing food for an event. Full service catering includes designing menu options, of course, and food preparation. But it goes beyond the food to include these other features as needed: 

  • Venue setup including setting up tables and chairs, arranging seating arrangements and the food and bar service areas according to a predetermined floor plan. It also can include tabletop decorations, plate and flatware rentals. 
  • Assistance with event planning, including assistance with securing exceptional Bay Area private event venues
  • Food and bar service personnel using skilled staff members to provide your guests with a great experience and minimize any stress felt by the hosts. 
  • Clean-up at the end of the event. 

Professional full-service catering provides an experienced team to make sure that all aspects of an event are planned and delivered superbly. 

Benefits of Full-Service Catering

Learning how to plan a corporate event will help your catering experience succeed. Hiring one of the most qualified catering and event planning companies in the area will save time and energy, reduce the hosts’ stress level, plan and deliver delicious food, produce an elegant setup, and impress your guests. 

How to Plan a Corporate Event

  • Carefully define the purpose of your event. 
  • Decide on the audience and determine the attendance. 
  • Set a realistic budget. 
  • Choose a theme and a format. 
  • Establish an event timeline. 
  • Choose an appropriate location. 
  • Plan logistics for the day. 

Choose An Expert Bay Area Catering Company 

Contact Handheld Catering and Events in San Jose and Santa Clara for exceptional Bay Area catering and event service. We can handle any corporate event to plan and execute all elements to achieve the best possible experience for the event guests.