With your help, 2019 can be the year of great parties. No matter the occasion—a birthday party, a corporate event, or a fundraiser—your party will be a huge hit with these party trends. For even more help making your event a success, reach out to a private event planner in San Jose, CA.

Finger Appetizers

One of the most important parts of any gathering is the food. People go to events anticipating the food, and what you serve can easily make or break the occasion. Make sure your guests aren’t distracted and anxiously waiting for the food to be served by offering delicious appetizers right at the start of the party. Many hosts are opting for more finger and handheld foods because these options are easy to eat and don’t require much cleanup.

Custom Signage

Avoid the tacky streamers and opt for more personal decor with custom signs. This is a trend that will continue for a while, because custom signage elevates the evening and immediately pumps up guests as soon as they arrive. Neon signs are a big hit, but you can also make custom paper lanterns, spray paint the walls, or hang classy banners. You can even follow the trend of dessert signage. Imagine a brownie reminding guests of the party’s theme or even the person of honor.

Food Stations

Good food doesn’t have to be served in a formal and uptight way. Keep your guests relaxed and enjoying themselves by having multiple food stations each serving a certain kind of food. For instance, you can have a taco station, a baked potato bar, and a station filled with desserts. Your guests can eat whatever they want at their own pace, and the party doesn’t have to be put on hold.

Extra Entertainment

Now, a lot of events are hiring additional performers to keep guests excited and entertained. There are so many options for extra entertainment, including performers like aerial dancers, tarot readers, or live music. You can have fun games available, such as old video games, giant Lego bricks, or even giant props that can be passed around.

Record the Party

One way for your guests to always remember your awesome party is by handing out swag. You want to choose something that they will actually use, and love to use. For instance, get some personalized shirts or hats, hand out pens with the event’s name on it, or get everyone a doggy bag filled with delicious food.

Perhaps an even better way to remember the event is by recording the party. Document the good times in some way. Have a photo booth for guests to take pictures of themselves, a videographer to capture the top moments, or hire a photographer. There would be no better proof that you know how to throw a good party.

These trends will elevate your party from merely fun to phenomenal and memorable. Even with these great tips, planning an event can be a lot of work. To reduce the burden, get help planning the perfect party—from deciding on entertainment to catering—by reaching out to event planning services in San Jose, CA.

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