Seven Catering Trends for 2020

We work hard to keep up with the changing times and emerging cuisine trends to offer our clients creative, new menus. In 2020, change continues apace in the food trends that influence our catering,

Here are seven 2020 catering trends we are exploring:

Sustainability takes center stage

Today more than ever, people are concerned about where their food comes from. Consumers are demanding sustainability in terms of the source of ingredients and the forms of packaging. As examples, plant-based menus will keep rising in popularity, and meat substitutes like jackfruit will be woven into more dishes.

Customizable options

The need to cater to a wide variety of tastes and preferences among consumers will keep growing, especially in our San Jose region. We offer a wide range of options to meet these needs as well as accommodate dietary restrictions. We see an increased focus on custom menus as caterers strive to meet these consumer demands.

Diversified menus

We also pay attention to diversity within our menus. People expect variety, and like to be surprised by new food experiences. Ethnic favorites from different parts of the world will continue to be a great source of inspiration for us in crafting intriguing food pairings for clients.

Smart menus for smart people

The modern consumer in the Bay Area puts more focus on quality over quantity. Regardless of the setting of an event, people are increasingly putting aside the idea that it is acceptable to overindulge. In fact, consumers are aware of the consequences of unhealthy diets. We have always emphasized healthy ingredients, but now clients are calling for “smart menus” far more often than in the past.

Unique drink flavors

The flavored drink fad has not faded, and clients will be looking to explore new fruit flavor varieties this year. The unique flavors may be derived from exotic fruits such as bergamot orange, pomelo, citron, and blood orange.

Bright and bold food

Social media drives the visual aspect of food presentation, and is especially prevalent at catered events in Silicon Valley. Food and beverage vendors will expand options that will look good on social media. This means choosing colorful ingredients that generate the desired emotional appeal.

Creative non-alcoholic drinks

Creativity in beverage service is going to be essential to stand out in a competitive field like catering. Whether you are serving large or small groups, attendees are attracted to the new drink ideas for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink menus. Signature drinks created for an event will remain popular!

These 2020 catering trends will have an influence on menus from Gilroy to Palo Alto

Ask us how we can craft a special menu for your event that reflects a particular theme, whether for a corporate event, wedding, special birthday or retirement dinner!