What Should Be on the Menus of Your Corporate Event?

Before you can order from a company that provides full-service catering in San Jose, CA, you need to know what you want to serve. Your menu will be dictated by the time of day, how you sell your event, and what you want to get out of it. Catering breakfast provides incentive for people to arrive on time and stay for the entire meeting. Catering lunch keeps people from drifting away from a meeting. Dinner and early breakfast meals are a good time to connect with customers and supporters. Mid-meeting snacks keep the energy level up and provide a respite, in which people can process information from the meeting.


At Breakfast Time

Breakfast may be the easiest meal to decide on a menu for. Eggs can be scrambled, fried, or boiled. Pancakes, waffles, and French toast are always a hit. Granola and yogurt are good together in a parfait or separate, especially if you need to cover those who are vegetarian. Don’t neglect the drinks; coffee and tea should always be on the menu, but it is equally important to include fresh fruit juice, preferably orange if they are in season. Add cereal and milk to help people feel like kids again!


At Lunch Time

Lunch is relatively easy because you can let people decide on their own menu! A sandwich bar makes it easy for people to eat as healthy as they want. Spice it up with a variety of breads, lettuce, tomato, a couple types of cheeses and lunch meat. Add a salad and soup bar for vegetarian options. Ice cream with toppings is always a good finisher.




At Dinner Time

Pasta is always a great choice because it can be served with a variety of sauces: tomato sauce for the vegetarians, Bolognese for the meat eaters, and chicken Alfredo for those who don’t like tomatoes. You might also try an Indian-style rice dish with curry sauces to choose from. Finish the evening off with coffee or tea and a themed dessert, and you’ve got yourself a great way to connect with your customers or your employees.


Snack Time

Coffee and tea with pastries and fruit in the morning or cookies and muffins in the afternoon make for a good snack. Of course, you can always serve breakfast food for dinner or lunch, and lunch menus make for okay dinner options, too. Consult with your company providing the full-service catering in San Jose, CA, and see what they recommend for your budget. Then, communicate with the people that are coming, so they know what to expect.

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