What Are The Different Types Of Catering Services?

Our San Jose Catering Company Explains

There are many kinds of special events in which expert catering can be a central aspect. Great catering provided by an expert San Jose catering company can add a special flair that will make any event more effective and truly memorable. Different types of catering will provide your guests with differing experiences.

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Types of Catering

There are four primary types of catering provided by a skilled catering and event planning company:

  • Corporate catering: Corporate events bring colleagues together in ways that build relationships, strengthen company loyalties, enhance networking, and increase the power of the corporate entity. Corporate events can range from casual to more formal. They can be breakfasts, luncheons, or dinners. They can be used for board meetings, conventions, conferences, tradeshows, achievement celebrations, and a myriad of other purposes. A great corporate event catering company must be able to understand the audience and provide the right atmosphere for each type of event.
  • Wedding catering: A wedding is one of the most significant events in a person’s life, so every detail must be handled with care and precision. A full-service wedding caterer can be responsible for many things beyond great food and beverages. The service can include décor, table linen, serviceware, table arrangements, food presentation, and more. Skilled logistical planning and creativity are essential requirements for the right catering company.
  • Social event catering: Many social events can be more intimate than large weddings or corporate events, so choosing the right catering service means choosing someone skilled in working on all the personal details.
  • Concession catering: This type of catering applies to many competitions, seasonal sporting events, and concerts. The key skills required for catering these events include picking the right food and being able to provide the required speed of service.

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How Caterers Excel at Events

An exceptional catering and event planning company will excel by providing delicious fresh food that is superbly presented. They will stand out by offering their own special touches to menu offerings and selections. They will offer top-notch guest service that is courteous, helpful, and friendly. They will attentively listen to and serve their client’s needs.

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