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How to Throw a Winning Super Bowl Party

Bay Area Event Catering The internet is filled with great ideas for throwing a memorable Super Bowl party. Foods like cheesy dips, finger foods, and unique drinks can steal the show, but a winning party should also include fantastic décor and great company. Consider these event catering tips to make the best of your Super Bowl extravaganza. Team accent coloring. Whether you’re praying for a Seattle repeat or hoping Tom Brady and Bill Belichick take home their first Lombardi trophy in more than a decade, support your favorite team with linens, t-shirts, and other decorations in their colors. Try making ice cubes with water colored with food dye so your guests can fix a drink that shows off their team’s colors. Offer a signature cocktail. The best catering companies often create signature drinks at events. For instance, if you’re rooting for Seattle, you might create a cocktail based on local northwest microbrews or even coffee. If you’re pulling for New England, stock your fridge with Sam Adams lager or create a cocktail based on Irish whiskey. Use festive straws and unique -- but easy to clean glasses! -- and you’re on your way to a great...

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