Bay Area Catering Tips for a Successful Summer Party

Catering your Bay Area Event Lets You Focus on Your Guests and Having Fun

Picture this: Refreshing winds dance in the warm summer sky, creating the perfect ambiance for your special event. Guests arrive and are instantly greeted by a bountiful spread of local, colorful cuisine and summer food favorites. You look around and notice plates piled high, and satisfied looks on faces as guests engage in rich conversation. At the end of the event, compliments flood your way, and the scarce pickings of leftover food reveal the popularity of the night’s menu.

This isn’t just an ideal situation, this is a normal day for Handheld Catering. Our catering in the Bay Area and surrounding areas help create the perfect atmosphere for weddings, private parties, corporate events and more. Over the years, we’ve found that a few basic preparations lend to a successful event every time.

1.Pick Food Your Guests Will Like

It may sound obvious, but this one area is the foundation of any spectacular event. Most people expect great food when they go to a special event, and delivering on that promise can have guests leaving satisfied and exhilarated. It’s also a good idea to have a variety of food to appeal to a wide array of interests. Popular summer foods include anything that can be grilled, like ribs, burgers, chicken, etc. Including specialty items like gluten-free or vegetarian-friendly options for people following special diets will be an added bonus for attending guests. Event catering in the Bay Area makes menu planning an easy option, without all the hassle of shopping, food prep and the dreaded clean-up. We can collaborate with you to create a menu that will thrill your guests, no matter what their dietary restrictions are.

2. Stocking the Right Cocktails

Creating a self-serve bar is a great option if you want to entertain and mingle with your guests without having to stand behind the bar the entire time. This is easily accomplished by creating a few mixed drinks to be served “punch-style.” In general, you want to allot 1 gallon per 10 guests. You may also consider providing a variety of alcohol mixers so guests can get creative. Most guests will consume 2 drinks in the first hour, and 1 drink every hour after that time. Be well-stocked on ice (2 pounds of ice per guests) and have plenty of garnishes and water. If you prefer to have someone oversee the bar and cocktail section, we can also provide one of our experienced waiters to serve your guests.

3. Attire

Informing guests of the dress code can take the guessing game out of getting ready. Is this a laid-back, flip-flop, t-shirts welcome BBQ party, or a “dress-to-impress” event? Make it clear what guests should expect because no one likes showing up to an event with the wrong attire.

4. Preparing for Mother Nature

Most of us love to be outside during the bright summer days — as do flies and other unwanted pests. Having an emergency kit of bug spray, sunscreen, sanitizing wipes and other remedies is a great addition to any outdoor party. They can be stored discreetly but conveniently so guests can use them when needed. For night parties, adding enough light on the deck, fence, or nearby trees can also keep the party going long after the sun goes down.

Let Handheld Bay Area Event Catering Take Care of the Menu

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