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Spice up your next event, party or meeting with fun and creative buffet stations. For a less formal feel, these stations are a perfect way to get the party started, break the ice, and encourage mingling as your guests load up on tasty treats that are as unique and outside-the-box as your party is! Stations are a great addition to a plated multi-course meal, or can be used in lieu of traditional plated fare. If you are looking to shake things up at your next special occasion, consider a Handheld Catering station, or several!

Appetizers, entrees, desserts- you can have a station for one or all your courses! Stations are either DIY or attended by a skilled and courteous Handheld Catering staff member. Get your guests talking about the build-your-own-baked-potato bar, or hear the rave reviews of your party’s street taco station the day after your event. Well-placed stations add variety and a sense of fun to any gathering, and Handheld Catering has just what you need to pull it off!

Live in the Bay Area and need an experienced catering staff featuring sumptuous farm-to-fork freshness in every bite? Handheld Catering has you covered. Call us today!


(this is either a DIY station or staffed by a skilled HH team member)

  • Bruschetta Bar (assortment of bruschettas to build your own crostinis, ask chef for details)
  • Polenta or Mashed Potato Bar (with all the fixins, including chives, sour cream, tillamook cheddar cheese, bacon bits, sauteed mushrooms, and caramelized onions)
  • Street Tacos (carne asada, pollo asada, seasonal vegetarian served with corn tortillas, salsa roja, onions, cilantro and lime wedges)
  • Baked Potato Bar (russet 50 count baked potatoes, Tillamook cheddar cheese sauce, Applewood smoked bacon bits, green onions, sour cream, vegetarian chili)


  • Ice Cream Sandwich Bar (assorted cookies, vanilla or chocolate ice cream to be scooped by a HH team member)
  • Donut Bar (glazed and sugar donuts with squirt bottles of caramel, chocolate sauce, berry coulis, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, dried coconut, Oreo cookie dust, etc…)
  • Chocolate Fondue Station (dark chocolate fondue with dipping accompaniments such as marshmallows, rice crispy treats, churros, fresh and dried fruit)
  • Cupcake Station (plain chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with available piping bags of assorted buttercreams and toppings)