Where in San Francisco to Host Your Next Event

Imagine your boss appoints you to find the best place to hold a cocktail party for your new clients, and he asks you for the details about the venue where the event is supposed to be hosted in San Fransisco within the next hour, what would you do? The minute your boss leaves to handle other duties, you start thinking about a good budget, the places that you might know; it is an uphill task if you don’t have someone who can help with planning.

On top of that, you can’t plan for a boring party; you need to impress your boss and make it a killer event for the company’s new clients. We are here to provide you with a list of the best places that you can host your next corporate event. Handheld Catering has managed to short-list these three venues that shine brighter than the rest. These venues are not only perfect for corporate events, but also for tech conferences and weddings. Now let’s dive into the list.

The Westin St Francis Union Square

This facility has a timeless yet modern style that makes it an iconic venue in San Francisco. If you are looking for a venue right on Union Square, this is the ideal place. It has 32 rooms where meetings can be held and large ballrooms that are equipped with the latest tech accessories. The Westin is your ideal location, whether you’re hosting 20 of your closest friends or thousands of money hungry techies looking for a new way to change the world.

The Nine Studios

If you want to rent the largest daylight studio in San Francisco that will amaze your guests, The Nine is the right venue. Located in SOMA, it’s the ideal place for hosting private events, the best part being that it is located on the top floor. The room is punctuated with natural light from its ceiling windows which illuminate the wooden floor. It also makes your guests embrace the view of the city.

Conservatory of Flowers

If you’re looking for a venue to host a cocktail party, a wedding or a corporate event in San Francisco, then The Conservatory is the ideal site for you. The most outstanding thing about this venue is that it’s a historical site that will bring a spark to your event like no other venue; there is no place like this in the whole of the Bay Area.

At Handheld Catering, we have good relations with the management of these venues, and we are more than happy to offer our catering services to your guests when hosting an event in these fantastic locations. Let us lift the worry of the meals from your end, and we let you focus on showing up to the event all smiles, as we cater to you with delightful meals. To make this happen, book appointment with us by calling 408-692-4782 or emailing info@handheldcatering.com, we are always happy to help!

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