How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Halloween Party

San Jose Event Catering Company Offers Tips on Halloween Party Planning

Summer will be over before we know it, and for some, Halloween is already on the mind. Believe it or not, now is the time to start planning that big corporate Halloween party that’s become an annual tradition. Yes, we know it’s only July, but our San Jose full-service catering company has already received several inquiries for corporate Halloween catering. Below we share the ultimate Halloween party checklist. 

1. Choose a theme

Choosing a theme for your corporate Halloween party not only sets the stage for the celebrations of the day but also brings about cohesive energy. It also gives your guests an idea of how to dress up. You will want to choose decorations that reflect and complement your theme. Common Halloween themes include Jack-O-Lantern, Scary Movie or Costume parties.

2. Set the date

When picking a date on your Halloween party, consult with your guests/employees so that you can settle on a convenient day. It’s not unheard of for a Halloween party to be held a week or even two before the actual holiday. If you are planning an adult-only party, plan to have it from around 8 in the evening so that parents have sufficient time with their kids before heading for your party.

3. Come up with a guest list

Your guest list will have a significant influence on the kind of party you hold. For instance, if you plan to have people from all age groups, you will have to plan for party activities that cater to children and adults. While adults might not frown upon extremely spooky themes, these might traumatize younger kids. Your guest list will also help you decide on a perfect theme.

4. Decide on the foods and drinks that will be served

You’ll probably spend quite some time and energy planning your perfect costume and purchasing your decorations, so why skimp on the food? Though you don’t want to go all out by planning a turkey for dinner, make sure you have plenty of appetizers, drinks, and candy. You can sit back and enjoy the party by delegating this to a private event catering service provider.

5. Send out invitations

Your invitations should reflect your party’s theme. For instance, you may want to consider using invitations featuring ghosts for a haunted house theme. Your invite should have such information as the date, time, location, attire information, RSVP date, and what guests should bring along.

Enjoy the Party and Let Us Handle the Food

Handheld Catering is a San Jose event catering company that will help you put together the perfect menu for your corporate Halloween party. Your guests’ safety is our top priority, therefore, we take into account all their dietary restrictions. Being a San Jose full-service catering company, we will not only deliver the food and drinks but also serve your guests.