How to Get Attendees Engaged at a Corporate Event (Hint: It’s the Food)

What’s the most important part of an event?

Is it the venue?

The décor?

Actually, it’s the food – especially at a corporate event, where getting employees and guests engaged is no easy task.

Here are just a few catering food ideas to show you how food can keep your corporate events exciting for your attendees.

Hire a caterer

You don’t have to have a fancy party to hire a caterer.

For example, if you’re going to plan an employee appreciation day or an in-office Christmas party, chances are your employees will look forward to it if they know the food is catered.

An experienced corporate event caterer should give you a comprehensive menu that can be customized to suit your event needs. The best in the business provide in-house staff with their services.

This means your employees can sit back, relax, and enjoy the food and company.

Coffee for meetings and conferences

Keep discussions in meetings and conferences lively through coffee catering. Consider a mobile coffee cart carrying a variety of coffee beverages.

This way, you can keep employees and conference delegates from roaming outside a venue to look for a coffee shop, especially if you’ve scheduled the event in the morning.

Or, arrange roasting demonstrations between meetings and presentations where guests can learn how to make the perfect espresso and taste their own brew.

Loosen up the crowd with an open bar

Team-building activities are a great place for your employees to get to know one another. Having an open bar as part of your corporate event catering can help people let go of their inhibitions and loosen up, allowing colleagues to interact more freely.

Looking for an alternative to beer? Unwind with classic cocktails, antipasti, an array of small dishes, and piano music that sets the mood for memorable conversations and meaningful connections.

Custom food and drink to brand your event

Corporate events like trade shows and product launches are great platforms to showcase your brand. Stand out and capture the attention of attendees through custom food and drinks.

Create signature cocktail drinks that reflect your brand’s personality. Or, use edible marketing: feature your company logo as the design for custom-made cupcakes or serve cookies that double as business cards.

Food and beverage play a special role in social occasions and are one of the best ways to bring a diverse group of people together. Impressive catering entices attendees, and complements your corporate event, making them even more engaging.

A company in the Bay Area like Handheld Catering will listen to your corporate event planning needs. Whether you’re having an open bar for informal events, a mobile coffee cart for meetings, or a full course holiday dinner for the company, guests are happy and ready to make meaningful connections over good food.

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