Handheld Catering Named One of the 15 Best Bay Area Catering Companies

We’re absolutely thrilled to have been named in the 15 best bay area catering companies by McGuire. It took a lot of work to get our name seen in the eyes of the public, and even more to get our original recipes into their immediate tasting vicinity.

“In fact, the name “Handheld Catering” comes directly from their closeness to the food they serve: plucked from the earth by the hands of farmers, hand-checked for quality, and lovingly prepared by the hands of the chef.” – McGuire.com

Our Principles

As you can expect, it started with a love of food. One feature that we seriously wanted to implement—and we’ve done just that over the years—is the ability to tailor your own menu to the way you want it. We’ve seen dozens of catering companies that only offer specific packages or nothing at all. That’s not how we would want to order catering. We’re big on giving every little choice to the customer because after all is said and done, you’re going to be eating the food, and your guests are going to be enjoying it throughout the day. What’s on the plate matters.

One Step Beyond

When you’re looking to get a perfect party going, you don’t want to have to make a dozen phone calls to different agencies and institutions. We’re able to provide tables, chairs, canopies and more—we believe that it’s one aspect that sets apart from the rest. We focus on the quality of the food, but we also know that the rest of the occasion requires the same attention to detail and quality. You don’t have to lower your expectations based on local vendors you’ve seen—we can handle everything for you.

Same Staff for Cleaning

One of the worst horror stories of catering we’ve heard of is the catering company leaving the mess for the party planner to clean up. That’s not just uncool, but it’s also a horrible way to conduct yourself. You wouldn’t make a mess in someone else’s home and expect them to clean it—we’re all about ensuring that everything is setup properly and cleaned up properly. We leave the kitchen and other spaces we use looking the exact way we found it when we came into the venue.

Many Thanks to McGuire

You can read the full article by McGuire, showcasing us and the other 14 picked in their Best Bay Area Catering Companies article. Take a look at McGuire.com to find the best Bay Area events and community guides for San Francisco.

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