Handheld Catering Certified As Green Business

You likely know that at Handheld Catering we strive to use the freshest ingredients from local growers and farmers and that we practice the farm-to-fork approach. However, we are proud to announce that we are now the first caterer in Silicon Valley to be Certified as a Green Business and only the 36th in the entire state of California to receive such a distinguished honor. This is a milestone that we are extremely delighted to achieve and we couldn’t wait to share this news with you.


So What Does ‘Certified’ Mean?

Becoming a Certified Green Business is reserved for those companies that are verified to be complying with environmental regulations in the areas of pollution prevention, business waste, energy, water and air quality and that show they truly care about sustainability. Handheld Catering is committed to taking action to conserve resources and prevent pollution and this Certification lets the rest of the state know exactly how committed we are.


What Differences Do Green Businesses Make?

As of 2018, there have been 3,108 California businesses Certified Green and the overall savings has been huge. Take a look at some of these savings from the past year.

  • Greenhouse Gas Emission – With the equivalent of planting 419.696 trees in one year, greenhouse gas was reduced by 356,322 metric tons.
  • Utility Usage – Small businesses saved $9,000,000 in utilities.
  • Diverted Waste – 122,030 metric tons of waste was diverted from landfills and that’s the equivalent of 15,253 garbage trucks worth.
  • Water Conservation – 60,621,760 gallons of water saved – enough to fill over 90 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


Why Get Certified?

Becoming a California Green Business Partner not only means that you’re doing your part to fight climate change, but that you’re committed to improving the health of our citizens and environment. Savings in energy, water and garbage thanks to cost-saving practices mean less waste and more money retained by the company and by using less toxic products, your staff members benefit as well.

Recent studies have shown that consumer’s desire to patronize businesses that are doing their part for the environment has been steadily increasing and 42% of surveyed California Green Businesses reported an increase in business since receiving their recognition.


Let Us Do The Cooking

Handheld Catering is available for all of your private and office events in the Bay Area. We will customize a menu specifically to your likes or specifications and since we use those locally-sourced fresh ingredients and we are Certified Green, you know that you and your guests will be treated to an unforgettable meal.

Whether you have a wedding, reunion, small family get together or a large and very important client or corporate meeting, Handheld Catering will craft a delightful breakfast, lunch or dinner that you can be proud of. Contact us today and let us do the cooking so you can enjoy the gathering.


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