Does Your Business Need Lunch Catering?

When it comes to the daily business environment, within the Silicon Valley or surrounding San Francisco Bay Area, the demands of each day can be so overwhelming. Too often employees are found perplexed about how and when to take a lunch break. Equally as challenging is the onsite unavailability of anything nutritious to eat. And then there are all those high-tech professionals that sometimes need to be impressed. Handheld Catering continually handles these dilemmas with our Silicon Valley catering services.

Whether you have an important, upcoming corporate event or a simple lunchtime thank you for your employees, our catering services are here to help. A basic meal can easily become an unforgettable experience for both guests and colleagues, as well as a phenomenal addition to any necessary lunchtime brainstorming sessions, and these are the reasons why:

Time efficient – whether you’re in need of a box lunch, buffet or even a sit-down meal, Handheld Catering is here to help. Our mobile kitchen is prepared to deliver food that is hot off the grill or cold and fresh from the fridge. And we make sure to park our culinary trailer completely out of sight. Leaving lunch to us, allows time for you to continue to address your business work load without too much of a break in flow. By using Handheld Catering, all you do is conveniently make your way to the lunchroom area and leave the rest to us.

Fresh nutritional value – Handheld Catering is known for its farm-to-fork approach. We only use locally grown fruits and vegetables to guarantee our food is fresh and flavorful. There is nothing better than avoiding all the junk food machines or the salty, non-nutritious fast foods we tend to pick up and start enjoying foods that will add nutritional value to your diet while not contributing to unwanted pounds.  

Delivered to your lunchroom table – no longer do employees have to waste busy business time trying to figure out who will leave the building to pick up lunch, only to return without one of the meals because there were so many to remember. By pre-ordering, we confirm each meal for each person and conveniently bring your food to you. This ease in obtaining lunch and enjoying a full catering experience is one of our customer’s favorite features.  

Increased employee morale – nothing increases employee morale more than being together doing something positive. The additional experience of adding a freshly prepared meal to your business environment is “the icing on the cake.” Since food is a necessity for any business, the fact that a quick solution to this dilemma is available brings delight to every employee. To have this type of “thank you” happen in the comfort of your very own office can make your employee’s day and motivate them to increase performance.  And best of all, many of our meals are as affordable as most fast-food chains.

Call Handheld Catering today and let us show you how we can turn your dull lunchtime meal into one amazing experience, with just one quick phone call at 408-692-4782 or by emailing today.  

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