If you want to indulge in the freshest pearls of oysters, some steamed shrimp, and crabs, or succulent lobster, then we are the perfect choice for your dining needs in San Francisco. If you want to incorporate the best seafood recipes in your corporate events or private event catering, then Handheld Catering services will create a custom menu for you.

Seafood needs to be served fresh during meal times; you don’t want to have food that has been out in the cold for hours served to your guests or family members. When it’s time for a party, you need a catering service provider who can understand your schedule and prepare your food accordingly, to serve it when it’s fresh.

At Handheld Catering services, we live by the code of serving only fresh food that has been prepared by experienced chefs. Our company takes you to another level of service by taking the time to have our event coordinator understand your exact seafood delicacies that you prefer, to custom make the perfect service for you.

Our company prides itself on its unique mobile kitchen service that is unlike any other. With our mobile trucks that are never visible to your guests, we can setup our classic dining set with sections of hot seafood and cold seafood.

Our company has partnered with top seafood distributors to select only the best-harvested seafood to bring to your table. We follow all safety regulations that are required when it comes to seafood preparation, to present to you with an amazing dining experience of the best seafood in San Francisco.

Whether you have a formal function or a party, we take care of the whole process, leaving you to store an appetite for some delicious seafood to spark your event with life. We are only present to ensure that your experience will make you pin our company as the primary contact for all your catering needs.

We are also here to help shape up your environment before we serve our meals. We go even further to theme your seafood dining to blend in with your occasion; we are that good. From large events with 1,000 guests to private functions and small wedding, Handheld Catering knows how to cater to our specific needs. Call us today at 408-692-4782, or you can send us an email at info@handheldcatering.com.

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