Bay Area Event Planning Tips


What’s not to love about the Bay Area? Okay, traffic. Smog. We get it. But really — you couldn’t pick a better place to live, and you couldn’t pick a better place to throw a party. If real estate agents throughout the ages have contributed anything to our collective societal wisdom, it’s that it’s all about location. Read on for some tips on how to harness the spirit of the bay in your Bay Area event planning process.


Go green. Support Bay Area green initiatives and impress your in-laws from Berkeley by finding an event planner with creative ideas about how to reduce your event’s waste and environmental impact. Make sure your food is as kind to the earth as it is to your tastebuds, so you can feel good during and after your meal.


Keep it local. What better way to support the Bay Area than to source from the Bay Area? Local catering and event planning company Handheld Catering does it right: produce sourced from Northern California farmers wherever possible and ingredients carefully selected from local farmers’ markets. Choose locally-owned vendors to ensure your event has that personal touch.


Variety means inclusivity. If you’re planning an event in the Bay Area, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll have at least one gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian guest. Make sure all of your guests are able to enjoy the dining offerings by providing a variety of gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian meal options. Choose a catering company that’s experienced in cooking for a variety of dietary needs, so that eliminating ingredients doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. And be kind to any teetotalers in your circle by providing alcohol-free cocktails or ciders, because toasts are no fun without a fun drink in hand.


Don’t be afraid to show your weird. The Bay Area celebrates individuality, creativity and innovation. If you’re dreaming big, choose a Bay Area event planning company that will help you go there. Love who you are and plaster it all over the walls if need be — it’ll embolden your guests to do the same.


If you’re knee-deep in Bay Area event planning, don’t cheat yourself out of the vibrancy of the community. Take advantage of the free spirit, big heart and quirky thinking native to the Bay Area when hosting an event and call Handheld Catering at (408)692-4782.

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