8 Reasons to Have Your Next Corporate Event Catered

Hiring a San Jose Corporate Catering Company Makes Holiday Events Easy

A corporate training event, end of the year party, or seminar, almost always calls for an excellent culinary experience to complement the event. With the planning and organizing that goes into hosting such events, it can be difficult to accommodate the needs of your guests effectively. The good news is that you can hire a San Jose event catering company to make your work easier.

Below are a few reasons why your corporate events should be catered:

Ability to accommodate dietary restrictions
Some of your guests or employees may have dietary restrictions, making it difficult to accommodate their needs. A catering expert will be in a position to accommodate food allergies and intolerances effortlessly and without additional expenses.

A wider variety of food
If you are not sure of what to offer at your event, a catering expert will provide the guidance you need. Catering services will offer a variety of foods, giving you a wide range of options that your employees and guests are likely to love.

It’s cost-effective
Without knowledge and experience in executing a large-scale meal, it can be difficult to estimate how much food is needed to ensure everyone leaves the event satisfied. Catering professionals will help you estimate the number of expected guests, allowing you to do this in a cost-effective manner.

Expert food handling
Catering professionals will ensure proper food handling so that it’s well-cooked and that the risk of cross-contamination is reduced. Hiring a San Jose corporate event catering company will also help you with permits to serve alcohol at the event.

You leave a positive impression
In business, a positive image matters a lot. Working with experts who will ensure food is professionally prepared, presented, and served will help you project an image of a confident and capable company.

You can concentrate on planning other aspects of the event
Planning a complete and memorable corporate event takes time and effort. Hiring a catering company to handle the responsibility will ensure they take care of the hard work, leaving you with less worry and stress.

Set event tone and atmosphere
Catering companies will suggest different decor and serving styles to help you create the perfect atmosphere for your event. While hors d’ oeuvres deliver a fun but sophisticated atmosphere for friendly conversation, a formal sit-down dinner sets the tone for important discussions.

Saves you more time
Hiring a catering company means that you will not have to plan, cook, serve food, or worry about decorations. This will save both you and your team time so you can focus on other tasks.

Let Handheld Catering Help with Your San Jose Corporate Event Planning and Catering

There are many more benefits you are likely to enjoy when your corporate event is catered. The next time you plan an event, consider hiring a professional company for corporate catering in Silicon Valley. Get in touch with the team at Handheld Catering today for more information about corporate event planning and catering. Give us a call at 408-692-4782 or via our online contact form here.