4 Awesome Ideas for Organizing a Perfect Private Event

No matter what occasion you’re planning an event for — birthday, anniversary, graduation, corporate party, conference, fundraiser, or something else — you know the food and drinks you serve are important elements. That’s why you want the best catering in San Jose, CA. Creating a memorable experience takes a lot of planning, preparation, and attention to detail.

If you’re charged with organizing an event, here are a few suggestions that may help.

Brand Your Event

To make your event stand out, choose a compelling theme and name it. Develop a catchy tagline and logo you can use for the invitations and for promotion. In other words, brand your event. A memorable, attention-catching brand is an invaluable tool for printed materials, media relations, and social media. Good branding increases value and visibility. It helps you create buzz.

A Good Plan, the Right Tools, and an Event Team

It’s imperative that you create a good plan and track your tasks, timelines, and budget, as well as any other elements that may be involved, such as guest lists, speakers, registrations, or donations. Software and online tools are readily available that make it easier to create and manage all of these details, but nothing takes the place of good planning, which means including vendors in the planning process. Caterers in San Jose, CA, can make great suggestions and help you plan a menu that fits your event and theme. Draw on their knowledge and experience.

Don’t try to do it all yourself. That’s a recipe for stress, burn-out, and potential disaster. Successful events require a team effort to handle all of the details. Put together a team and assign individual members specific tasks such as handling venue management, publicity, or other key items you need covered to prevent tasks from being neglected or forgotten.

Because the menu is a big part of any event, chances are good you’ll want full service catering in San Jose, CA, to provide the food for your event. There are many options for catering in San Jose, CA, so think about your event, your guests, and your needs.

Party atmosphere

Colors, Music, Lighting

Studies show first impressions are created in a matter of seconds. Good use of lighting, colors and music will help create a positive first impression for your event. Lighting warms the atmosphere and sets the mood, while colors are a form of nonverbal communication. Red is associated with energy and excitement, green is appropriate for eco-friendly events, yellow represents creativity and is often used for art affairs, while blue is a popular choice for conferences and business meetings. The colors you select can affect the mood of your event.

The music you choose will depend on the type of event you’re hosting, your event theme, and the make-up of your guest list.


Food may be the most important part of your event because events are basically about hospitality. Your catering is about much more than food and drink. It’s also about shared conversations, shared ideas, shared fellowship, and connections.

Handheld Catering is a catering company in San Jose, CA, that offers full service catering and event planning. They provide fresh, high-quality, made-from-scratch, delicious food to the San Francisco Bay area and can help you make any occasion a raved-about success.  For your event, you want the best event catering in San Jose, CA.

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