13 Tips for a Successful College Send-Off Party

San Jose Private Event Caterers Offer Advice for a Stress-Free Party

College send-off parties are a fun way to create lasting memories with friends and family before moving away and starting this new chapter. They’re a great way to celebrate the end of summer, but they can also be a lot of work for those hosting them. Our full-service San Jose catering company offers 13 great tips for creating a celebratory party to send-off your recent grad.

1. Plan first

Avoid as many last-minute frustrations as possible by making all preparations as early as possible. Outline your plan for the day, including food prep and decorations.

2. Set a budget

The amount of money you are willing to spend on the party sets the tone for the whole event. Have clear expectations on how big the event will be.

3. Choose a venue

Will the party be in your backyard, park or Country Club? Private parties at home are a lot less expensive as you don’t have to pay venue rental or activity fees.

4. Pick a convenient date and time

The availability of important guests and relatives will help you choose a convenient day and time.

5. Come up with a guest list

Your budget will determine how long your guest list is. Remember to include close neighbors and send out the invites as early as possible.

6. Decide which foods will be served at your party

Booking a private event catering company enables you to enjoy the party as it handles all your catering needs; from decor and menu planning to food prep and service. Handheld Catering is your go-to San Jose catering company when it comes to your party’s catering needs.

7. Come up with a playlist

Playing some background music sets the mood of the party. It allows your guests to let loose and enjoy. Let your soon-to-be college student take over this responsibility as they’ll want to have a large hand in the playlist selection.

8. Order a cake

After establishing the number of people you will be having at your party, you can plan on an appropriately sized cake and dessert. This is another area that Handheld Catering can assist in!

9. Choose a theme

Having a theme for your going away party makes it feel more celebratory. Most opt for school colors and plan a theme around the college they’ll be attending, or the city they are moving to.

10. Plan the fun

Keep the party alive by offering more than just good food and drinks; think of a few party games the whole crowd can get involved in.

11. Create a photo booth

Capture these precious moments with a photo booth and on-theme props.

12. Arrange the setup the day before

Do little things the day before, such as setting up the decorations and seating area. If you’re hiring a catering company, you won’t have to worry about any of the food prep tasks that take up the most time on the day-of.

13. Don’t forget the thank you notes

After the party is over and all the gifts have been opened, send each of your guests a thank you note to show appreciation for their attendance and gifts. Be sure to do this shortly after the party–within 2 weeks is best.

Let Handheld Catering Handle the Food

One of the greatest highlights of a successful party is the food. Handheld Catering specializes in private events and can help you and your grad choose a menu the whole guest list will love. Contact us online via our convenient contact form, or give us a call at (408) 465-0466 to discuss!