Three Events That Require Top-Notch Catering

If you’re not utilizing proper event planning and catering, you’re not fulfilling the potential of your event. There’s a lot to be said after the balloons come down, and the VIP list gets forgotten—people remember how an event  goes. You can’t spare any details, no matter how small they may seem. These are the three types of events that you might not be catering, but you definitely should be.

  1. Corporate Parties

The common mistake that people make here is getting “catering trays” from your local supermarket. It just doesn’t have the same effect. Those who will be paying close attention to how the event is going will be certain to comment on the lack of a proper catering presence, because it’s not just about the food—it’s about the people, the atmosphere, and the service. An exceptional spread is only half the battle.

  1. High School/College Graduation

This is a pretty big deal for the graduate(s) in question. They’ve entering the adult world, one way or another, and it’s a rite of passage to have a graduation party. The most common type of party is thrown in a hall where buffets are laid out, and the bar is serving up wine, beer, and not much of anything else. Newsflash: nobody is impressed with a buffet style spread when there’s nobody maintaining the area or bringing out food. Even if you’re going for a buffet style lineup, you’ll be paying out of the nose for large portions of food from local restaurants. It’s the same food they’re serving up in brown paper bags; only a true catering company knows what excites, and what makes your event unique.

  1. Retirement Parties

It’s sort of like a graduation—you’ve now left the working world and you’re heading into retirement. It’s a blessing in and of itself, and it should be celebrated justly. Common mistakes people make is “ordering out” and putting up a BYOB mass email the day before. You may not be networking at this event, you may have made all the connections you needed, but it’s still leaving an impression on your guest list. (Besides, you’re retiring—you should get to enjoy fantastic food.)

Your Bay Area Catering Needs

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