Understanding the Street Food Movement

The Rise of Mobile Event Catering


event catering saratogaAs local Bay Area caterers, we’ve seen an explosion of growth in the street food movement. Although food carts have existed in some form for hundreds of years, they have only recently taken off in popularity. Going back to the late 17th century, when vendors sold freshly prepared foods out of pushcarts to workers, the trend eventually went west with the proliferation of the Chuck wagon.

The modern food cart movement seems to have begun with the “Roach Coaches” of the 1960s, a popular destination for hungry construction workers. The trend has evolved over the years; countless street establishments now serve everything from barbecue to Asian fusion cuisines.

The appeal of mobile meals is easy to understand. These unique operations present a convenient and delicious option for busy workers and shoppers on the go, and the eccentric creations they sell are often unavailable anywhere else.

Another aspect of the street food movement customers appreciate is their common commitment to sourcing locally grown meats, produce, and other ingredients. People want to support businesses that demonstrate a commitment to supporting the local economy and good and safe agricultural practices.

Add Street Food Flare To Your Next Catered Event!


At Handheld Catering in the Bay Area, we pride ourselves on sharing many of the values and attitudes about food that have recently been popularized by artisanal street food vendors. Our mobile kitchen delivers the best on-site food catering in the Bay Area! We provide event, wedding, and corporate catering throughout the greater Silicon Valley and beyond; and we believe our selection of fresh, local ingredients distinguishes us among the best catering in Silicon Valley. One taste, and you’ll agree. Call us today at 408-692-4782.


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