Is Organic Food Better for You Than Conventionally Grown Food?

Organic Catering In The Bay Area

The best catering companies in the Bay Area know that events aren’t just about providing exquisite food and fine service. When you host an event, you want your guests to enjoy food that isn’t simply a “step up” from the mundane. The food should be healthy and nutritious — a real treat, in every sense of the word. But does the food need to be organic, specifically? Arguments abound on both sides, but we believe the answer is a resounding “yes.” Here are several reasons why you should consider organic event catering for your next function:

event catering palo altoOrganic Food Contains More Antioxidants

Fruits and vegetables grown using organic methods contain higher values of cancer-fighting antioxidants than their conventional counterparts do. In some cases, as much as 60% more antioxidants! So why not give your guests the nutrition they need to counteract any overindulgence!

Organic Food Contains Fewer Pesticides and Antibiotics

The best catering experience features both excellent nutrition and quality food. Organic meats and produce are not exposed to antibiotics or pesticides which can have harmful effects on the human body. Let your guests know you have their best interests at heart by reducing their exposure to excess pesticides, antibiotics, and other dangerous chemicals on their food.

Organic Food is Eco-Friendly

Keep your event or wedding catering a celebratory experience by doing the right thing for the environment. Organically grown foods help to prevent the contamination of groundwater, and they won’t contaminate local crops with genetically modified pollen. Feel better about your catering experience knowing that organic food isn’t just better for you – it’s better for the Earth.

Bring Organic Catering To Your Next Event!

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