Throw The Best Holiday Party in 5 Steps

You need corporate catering to assist with a holiday party for your office or organization. But you’re worried about how to host the event in a way that will satisfy everyone’s needs, keep the event on budget, avoid fights or fussiness over food choices, and, ideally, let you get through everything with relatively little stress.


Here are 5 tips to make your event catering situation simple, low stress and cost-effective.


1. Assemble a guest list of people who should get along well.
 If you’re throwing a business event, your guest list might be constrained, but you can still take positive action. Seat people with like-minded interests together, or organize the event to prevent people from getting bored.

2. Outsource and delegate.
Share responsibilities with your coworkers. For instance, maybe one colleague could be in charge of songs and speeches; another person could handle RSVPs; and so forth. You might also consider working with a party catering company, like Handheld Catering (we operate in San Jose, Silicon Valley and Palo Alto). If you’re going to work with outside vendors, find people who’ve worked on similar types of parties before and who have familiarity with the region and with local subcontractors.

3. Plan the Menu Early 

Once you’ve assembled the guest list, start surveying everyone about meal options. Do you want to do buffet or plated service? Are their vegetarians or vegans among your group? Does anyone have food allergies? It’s best to find these things out as early as possible so there are no surprises on the day of. If you choose to work with a corporate catering company like Handheld, we can customize our menu options to accommodate your needs.

4. Keep Decorations Simple

When it comes to decorations, a little goes a long way. Save space for food by displaying low arrangements instead of giant centerpieces. Use small accents, like votive candles, to fill any empty spots on the table.

5. Enjoy It!
Get enough sleep. Eat something at the party. Avoid getting stressed by unexpected events. Even the most meticulously planned event can evolve in a spontaneous fashion. Adopting a “go with the flow” attitude can help you inhabit the moment and get more out of the event.


Start Planning Your Next Catered Event!

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