Growing Demand for Weekend Brunch Catering

Wake Up the Day After a Wedding with Early Afternoon Brunch Catering

Brunch is a glorious meal for many reasons, chief among which is that it allows people to sleep in on the weekends yet still enjoy wonderful food and the company of good friends. Not everyone embraces the brunch concept – some anti-Hipsters even openly deride the “brunching trend” – but the experience has always been a popular catering request on Sundays in California. Now brunch demand has spilled over into Saturdays, as diners often opt out of breakfast in favor of extra sleep, and indulge in brunch well after normal breakfast time has passed.

The Logistics

Generally speaking, brunch is popular among people with disposable income and the time to enjoy it. Busy weekday mornings mean few adults (especially those with children) have the time or inclination to eat a leisurely breakfast. The weekend allows for more relaxed dining, but some object to rising early simply to eat. Brunch fills this niche.

The Changes

Breakfast and brunch used to be prepared by less experienced chefs who were still learning their trade. Today, top catering chefs are the ones in charge of the kitchen. People expect more than the usual blasé fare of bagels and Eggs Benedict, and the best catering services meet that demand with unique twists on old dishes as well as completely original creations. Omelets now include a broad variety of locally grown herbs and vegetables, and duck has become an unusual yet popular protein option which some choose to indulge in on their precious days off. While brunch still relies on the foundation of breakfast foods, such as eggs and sausage, brighter foods and bolder flavors are now on the menu.

The Drinks

For many people, brunch isn’t brunch without a mimosa or Bloody Mary. Today’s caterers create their own versions of the Bloody Mary with house-infused vodkas and an array of garnishes like crawfish, shrimp, octopus, asparagus and more.

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