Things to Know for a Summer Wedding in San Francisco

Whether you are a San Francisco Wedding Planner or simply planning a wedding in the San Francisco area, there are a few things you should know when you or your planner creates your Summer wedding, namely:

Keep your eye on the sky – because weather is always unpredictable—in the San Francisco area as well, keep an eye on the forecast. Websites, like, can give you a broad idea of what the weather might be like through their long-range forecasts.  

Have a plan B – if holding an outdoor event, make sure to have a backup plan in mind, just in case the weather decides not to cooperate.  

Give a heads up – Summer is a busy time for most individuals, couples and families, so enough time should be given so your guests can plan accordingly. Sending a Save-the-Date card can also give your guests even more time to plan.

Keep your cool – no one wants to ever see a guest hauled off on a stretcher because of heat stroke, which is why every effort must be given to this aspect of your wedding planning. You, or your wedding planner should make sure proper ventilation inside the venue is clearly understood and well-defined, especially when selecting your location during the cold Winter months. If air conditioning is not available, give each of your guests a cool hand towel and/or use portable fans. Make sure to have water available for all guests and staff.

Keep it light – hot weather is tough on the digestive system, so avoid heavy foods. Light foods should be served, including fresh green salads, pasta salads, locally grown fruit and/or vegetable trays. Easy-to-digest foods and drinks should also be considered. Popsicles are a popular Summer wedding delight, particularly if the heat is unavoidable.

Take in the shade – consider renting umbrellas and/or awnings for outdoor weddings. When selecting a venue, keep in mind those places that provide a lot of natural shade.

Include an ice sculpture or two – whether it is a dolphin or other custom design, ice sculptors are a refreshing addition to any Summer wedding.

Wear comfortable attire – Summer weddings usually attract simple designs of light-weight material.

Offer repellent and sunscreen – consider placing bug repellent and sunscreen around the area, so guests can use these if desired.

    With the right Summer planning in the San Francisco area by your or your wedding planner,  your wedding will be one that’s filled with many fond and endearing memories. Contact Handheld Catering today for more information!

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