Our Featured Partners For October 2017

Connections are everything, no matter what your business industry is. You befriend like-minded individuals and organizations, and you build on each other, learn from one another, and grow stronger.

In conjunction with our premier Bay Area catering companyhere are some of the best Bay Area vendors that we personally recommend, and work with every single day.


Am Party Rentals

Standard Party Rentals

Katie Abraham Designs

Patrick Florals

Silicon Valley Photo Booths


Archival Photo Booths

Bay Area Wedding Photos

Aloft Hotels

City Lights

Method 42


Putting together the right party isn’t just about a singular company. Any company who says that they can be a one-man army and handle the entire affair isn’t a team player. What does that say about how they’ll treat their clients? Setting up a proper party is more than just calling shots, it’s about calling the right ones. It starts with premier Bay Area vendors, the kind of people who critically care for their business, and their clients.


The Aspects of a Great Get Together


Each and every Bay Area vendor that we’ve selected, and continue to work with, are vital components to our success, and the success of the events that we cater to. Taking some of the stress off of your own shoulders with a company who has the connections necessary to bring your party into the realm of seamlessness—that’s invaluable.


Great parties require two vital components, and guests—each is dependent on the other. However, there’s one defining, binding factor that brings people together no matter what, and that’s great food, delivered on silver platters to your guests.


The Apex of Excellence


Our Bay Area vendors are the first choice in all of their defined industries. You only want the best for your events, and that’s what your guests deserve. Your impression—especially if it’s the very first event that you’ve hosted—is critical. People are going to remember your event, and they’re going to pay attention to who catered, who supplied décor and entertainment, and everything in between.


The top Bay Area vendors know how to identify every type of guest, and have their solutions at the ready. Set and forget—the rest is up to the professionals, just as it should be. All you need to know is how to scope them out; thankfully, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

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