Bay Area Fresh Seasonal Catering

Benefits of Buying Fresh, Local Produce

Best Bay Area Catering Ingredients Purchasing locally grown fruits and vegetables offers more than nutritional benefits; it helps stimulate the local economy. Local foods require less processing and shipping time, and they work as a fresh alternative to grocery store produce, which may be weeks old by the time it hits shelves. Read on for more reasons smart shoppers (and catering companies) choose to buy local. Improved Taste Locally grown foods provide the opportunity to taste fruits and vegetables at the peak of ripeness. Unlike produce shipped from other states (or countries), local foods boast rich, crisp flavors unaffected by pests or decay. Environmentally Friendly Making the decision to buy locally grown decreases your family’s environmental footprint. Since foods grown locally do not require storage, chemical treatments, or long-distance shipping, you reduce the time, money, and resources invested in the process. Supports Local Community Cultivating local produce helps build the community. By buying from local businesses and farmers, consumers and caterers put approximately 300% more money back into the local economy than they do when they purchase imported foodstuffs. Hire the Right Local Event Catering Company A Bay Area catering business committed to using fresh, local products and supporting farmers and growers, Handheld Catering believes food should be served...

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