4 Tips for a Fall Wedding

San Jose Catering Company Offers the Best Tips for Autumn Weddings

Fall foliage provides a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos. Also, extreme temperatures and humidity will not be an issue, which is something you will appreciate if you’re holding an outdoor wedding. Our San Jose wedding catering company offers the top four tips for a perfect fall wedding...

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Wedding Catering Frequently Asked Questions

9 FAQs for Bay Area Wedding Catering

Guests at your wedding may forgive a DJ stuck in the '80s, or forget what you had for centerpieces, but you won't get away with below par catering services. It’s essential that you pick a San Jose event catering service provider who will work within your budget to provide outstanding food and service. We’ve put together some of the most pertinent questions you should absolutely ask your potential caterer.
1. When should I reserve my wedding catering services?
Ideally, you should reserve your caterer 4-12 months prior to your wedding date. You will need to book your caterer earlier if your wedding is scheduled to take place during the summer or December as these times of year book-up quickly....

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2019 Wedding Food Trends Everyone Will Love

Our San Jose Catering Team Talks Wedding Catering Trends for This Year

Planning to walk down the aisle soon? Wedding fare has changed a lot since last year, so check out some of the latest and greatest trends that are currently a hit at weddings, receptions, and venues widely. Talk to your San Jose wedding catering team about 2019 wedding food trends and menu options for your big day: It’s All About the Sweets Create something magical for your desserts and sweets station. It is very 2019 to go all out with sweet treats using inventive ideas and contemporary presentation concepts. Consider opting for a custom s’mores bar!...

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Vetting Your Caterer: What to Know

Nowadays it pays to vet anyone in the Bay Area, and throughout the country, who is responsible for any major event in your life, including the caterer of your important upcoming event. This can make the difference between a positively remarkable event and one that could end up being one of life’s worst nightmares. In addition to the many other questions you will want to ask your prospective caterer, you will also want to ask him or her questions to verify his or her legitimacy and compliance. Following are some questions you might want to ask to guarantee the person responsible for providing the food at your event, in or around the Bay Area, is responsible and reputable; Can the caterer provide the names and phone numbers of three references – this question is so standard that a good caterer would be surprised if this question was not asked. Where can you read reviews of their services – typically reviews can be found on their website. If not, they might possibly have third-party validations from past customers who were pleased with their catering services. Do they have a business license – a professional caterer must have a business license, and make sure their...

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Things to Know for a Summer Wedding in San Francisco

Whether you are a San Francisco Wedding Planner or simply planning a wedding in the San Francisco area, there are a few things you should know when you or your planner creates your Summer wedding, namely: Keep your eye on the sky – because weather is always unpredictable—in the San Francisco area as well, keep an eye on the forecast. Websites, like weather.com, can give you a broad idea of what the weather might be like through their long-range forecasts.   Have a plan B – if holding an outdoor event, make sure to have a backup plan in mind, just in case the weather decides not to cooperate.   Give a heads up – Summer is a busy time for most individuals, couples and families, so enough time should be given so your guests can plan accordingly. Sending a Save-the-Date card can also give your guests even more time to plan. Keep your cool – no one wants to ever see a guest hauled off on a stretcher because of heat stroke, which is why every effort must be given to this aspect of your wedding planning. You, or your wedding planner should make sure proper ventilation inside the venue...

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Top Ten Places to Throw a Party in the Bay Area

Getting ready to throw a party in the San Francisco Bay Area? Consider yourself lucky — you’re playing host in one of the most vibrant and exciting places in the country. The central challenge of Bay Area event planning isn’t finding a venue, it’s choosing a venue. Make the most of all your surroundings have to offer by booking one of these top ten event venues in the Bay Area.     The Box SF. For effortless cool, look no further than The Box. The Box is an event center located in a gorgeous historic building in San Francisco, and its intimate vibe makes it perfect for smaller gatherings. If you don’t believe it, ask SF Weekly — they named The Box the best venue for small parties in San Francisco. The Pearl. Just look at this place. Really. This all-inclusive venue has something for every guest: it’s sophisticated yet laid-back, and trendy without being cloying. The reclaimed cedar ceiling, theatrical lighting capabilities and built-in cranes holding indoor living gardens put The Pearl on a whole new level.   Avenue. A beautiful modern studio in San Francisco, Avenue offers an airy, inspiring and fully customizable space so you can match your...

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Our Favorite Bay Area Wedding Venues

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your entire life! Nearly every bride has a vision of their perfect wedding from start to finish, and the right backdrop can make your wedding stand out as a magical, memorable day not just for you and your partner, but for all your guests as well. Whether your style is more traditional, romantic, or casual chic, here are some of Handheld Catering's favorite Bay area wedding venues for planning your special day. Hakone Gardens- Saratoga, CA [caption id="attachment_22642" align="alignright" width="300"] Hakone Gardens[/caption] Located at the base of the majestic Santa Cruz mountains, Hakone Gardens is a true nature lovers’ paradise. The exquisitely-manicured Japanese gardens and architecture make it seem as if you are truly getting married in Japan, rather than minutes away from the city. From the towering oak trees in the courtyard to the Japanese maples in the main room, your wedding will give off a romantic and dramatic enchanted forest vibe perfect for a picturesque ceremony and reception. [caption id="attachment_22643" align="alignleft" width="250"] Kirigin Cellars[/caption] Kirigin Cellars- Gilroy, CA If you and your intended are wine enthusiasts looking for a venue that says something about your personal style, look no further than Kirigin Cellars. You and...

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What to Look for in a Wedding Caterer

Choosing a wedding caterer in the Bay Area is not a task taken lightly. When planning for a wedding, who you choose as a caterer can affect how smoothly the refreshments go and (just as important) how delicious they taste. Here are a few of the qualities a good wedding caterer should have, for you to keep in mind. Is the caterer licensed? Are they experienced in catering weddings? Ask if the caterer is licensed. This means that they have met your local department health standards and also carry liability insurance. Also, make sure this isn't the caterer's first rodeo (or, in this case, wedding) before deciding to sign them on. Are their ingredients fresh, not frozen? Knowing where the caterer gets their ingredients can tell a lot about the food quality and the company itself. The more fresh and local the ingredients, the better. Additionally, ask if they are comfortable preparing the type of food you want for the reception. Find someone who shares your same taste in food to prevent misunderstandings or mishaps. Do they function well under stress or in unexpected circumstances? Can they handle things going wrong or at least not as planned? Make sure you hire a caterer with a cool...

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Growing Demand for Weekend Brunch Catering

Wake Up the Day After a Wedding with Early Afternoon Brunch Catering Brunch is a glorious meal for many reasons, chief among which is that it allows people to sleep in on the weekends yet still enjoy wonderful food and the company of good friends. Not everyone embraces the brunch concept – some anti-Hipsters even openly deride the “brunching trend” – but the experience has always been a popular catering request on Sundays in California. Now brunch demand has spilled over into Saturdays, as diners often opt out of breakfast in favor of extra sleep, and indulge in brunch well after normal breakfast time has passed. The Logistics Generally speaking, brunch is popular among people with disposable income and the time to enjoy it. Busy weekday mornings mean few adults (especially those with children) have the time or inclination to eat a leisurely breakfast. The weekend allows for more relaxed dining, but some object to rising early simply to eat. Brunch fills this niche. The Changes Breakfast and brunch used to be prepared by less experienced chefs who were still learning their trade. Today, top catering chefs are the ones in charge of the kitchen. People expect more than the usual blasé fare of bagels and Eggs Benedict,...

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Express Your Unique Style with Bay Area Wedding Catering

Top Food Trends Seen in Wedding Catering The San Francisco Bay Area is well known for setting trends in style and food. As wedding caterers watch as knots are tied from San Jose to San Francisco the only constant is unique selection of food and beverages. As you plan your own, uniquely you, wedding catering we hope that you'll be inspired by some of the trends we see emerging. Recognize what you love, make your day personal, and plan a memorable feast for your friends and family.  Comfort Foods Showcase your favorite food and drinks at the reception. It doesn’t matter what meals you and your fiancé enjoy; a great wedding caterer should be able to find creative ways to add style to the presentation. For instance: Serve burgers and fries wrapped in monogrammed napkins. Give your guests the perfect bite of a grilled cheese sandwich with a tomato soup shooter. Skewer a meatball, add a little spaghetti and dipping sauce, and your guests will love it. Serve drinks that you enjoy, or create a signature drink for your big day. Eat and Drink Local Create a menu using local seasonal foods. Your guests will love...

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