What Does Full Service Catering Mean?

Handheld Catering Team Building Catered Meal

Full Service Catering is about more than just the food. Our Bay Area catering and event planning company is here to help you plan your next gathering.

What Makes a Great Caterer?

Customer Service a Focus at Handheld Catering

Planning a special event or an office party in the Bay Area? Our San Jose Catering experts have been there, and know how to help.

Seven Reasons to Love Winter Weddings

Grilled Shrimp Winter Wedding Appetizer

Winter weddings are less traditional than Spring weddings. But there are a lot of great reasons you may wish to hold your wedding when the weather turns cool in the Bay Area! A Palo Alto wedding caterer can help make your special day truly memorable with a great winter-themed menu. Winter Weddings Have Their Own […]