7 Steps to Choosing a Wedding Caterer

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If you’re planning a wedding for later this year, you may be a little overwhelmed with all the decisions you need to make. One big task is contracting with a great wedding caterer. You want the best possible experience for your guests, yet need to stay within your budget. Where to start? What are the […]

What Does Full Service Catering Mean?

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Full Service Catering is about more than just the food. Our Bay Area catering and event planning company is here to help you plan your next gathering.

Catering is About More Than Just The Food

Achieving a great event means leaving nothing to chance, especially when it comes to having delicious food for everyone. Expert catering and event planning companies should be your choice to help make these kinds of events extra-special and memorable

Seven Reasons to Love Winter Weddings

Grilled Shrimp Winter Wedding Appetizer

Winter weddings are less traditional than Spring weddings. But there are a lot of great reasons you may wish to hold your wedding when the weather turns cool in the Bay Area! A Palo Alto wedding caterer can help make your special day truly memorable with a great winter-themed menu. Winter Weddings Have Their Own […]

Five Fun Winter Wedding Menu Ideas

Winter Wedding Menu Ideas Mini Pot Pies

Wondering what to serve at your winter wedding reception? Fortunately, winter wedding menu ideas abound! Many dishes fit well into a winter reception menu because you can choose heartier foods that reflect the season. Bay Area winter weather remains mild, so we find that a mix of light and hearty dishes work very well. San […]

Is a Wedding Menu Tasting a Good Idea? 3 Questions to Ask

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Creating a wedding menu with your caterer is one aspect of wedding planning that is a lot of fun. Exploring dishes and flavor combinations is exciting, and you get a chance to get to know your caterer better. One great way to add even more fun? Schedule a menu tasting! Did you know this is […]

Seven Attractive Southbay Wedding Venues to Explore

Wedding Venues for Receptions

Fall weddings have always been popular in the Bay Area, with September and October the most popular. June and February weddings still top wedding date lists nationally, but fall weddings are definitely on trend. And Bay Area wedding venues offer spectacular settings for indoor and outdoor weddings. This is because the weather and scenery in […]