Reinventing Our Catering Business in 2020

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The pandemic has, at least temporarily, reinvented the event catering business. With social and company events abruptly cancelled, caterers rapidly adjusted their offerings to keep serving great food to their communities. “Adapt or close were our options,” said Handheld Catering owner and Chef Dan Figone. “We love what we do and never want to stop, […]

Seven Catering Trends for 2020

Handheld Catering 2020 Menus

We work hard to keep up with the changing times and emerging cuisine trends to offer our clients creative, new menus. In 2020, change continues apace in the food trends that influence our catering, Here are seven 2020 catering trends we are exploring: Sustainability takes center stage Today more than ever, people are concerned about […]

What Does Farm-to-Fork Mean?

What is ‘Farm-to-Fork’ or ‘Farm-to-Table’?

The conversation around the farm-to-fork concept has gained momentum in recent years. In its infancy, people were convinced that it’s a passing fad given the thriving food stores business. Fast-forward to 2019, more people than ever before appreciate the farm-to-fork concept and the intricate relationship between food quality and handling.
In this post, we discuss the farm-to-fork concept and how it’s reinventing the catering industry:

Why You Want Farm-to-Fork Freshness

In this post, we discuss the farm-to-fork concept and how it’s reinventing the catering industry:

What is ‘Farm-to-Fork’ or ‘Farm-to-Table’?

10 Must Have Ingredients for Your Kitchen

When it comes to Bay Area event planning, we find that ten basic ingredients are used over and over again. Therefore, we consider these ten ingredients to be a must in every kitchen. Since water has been determined to be the most used ingredient worldwide, we consider this to be a given. So, below, we […]

Spring Catering in the Bay

Ideas That Resonate Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, you can wear your sandals again without unwelcome judgment from passerby — spring is here! What better way to ring in the new season than by throwing a springtime celebration? Answer: there is no better way. It was a rhetorical question. Read on for some ideas […]

What Does ‘Farm-to-Table’ Really Mean?

Farm-to-Table Food Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Organic or Non-GMO Over the past decade, thanks to books like Gary Taubes’ Good Calories, Bad Calories and documentaries like Food Inc. and That Sugar Film, more and more consumers have begun to question where and how their food is grown. In response, the food, event catering and restaurant industries are […]

Fall Wedding Catering for Bay Area Foodies

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Wedding Catering Should Take Advantage of Fall Produce Although we’re entering the heart of the summer, autumn beckons around the corner with its colorful leaves, brisk breezes and cool nights. Especially in the beautiful Bay Area, fall can be the perfect time to host a wedding. Here’s a nice plus: if you’re a foodie planning […]

How to Pick Fresh Fruit & Veggies at a Farmer’s Market

The Benefits of Using Local Produce When Catering Events  Our commitment to using locally grown food enables us to provide nutritious and delicious results when event catering in the Bay Area and surrounding neighborhoods. Thanks to the many farmer’s markets across the region, every meal we prepare offers a fresh and unique appeal that is […]

Benefits of Buying Fresh, Local Produce

Bay Area Fresh Seasonal Catering

Best Bay Area Catering Ingredients Purchasing locally grown fruits and vegetables offers more than nutritional benefits; it helps stimulate the local economy. Local foods require less processing and shipping time, and they work as a fresh alternative to grocery store produce, which may be weeks old by the time it hits shelves. Read on for […]