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6 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas from San Jose Event Caterers

Full-Service Event Caterer's Tips for a Perfect Corporate Holiday Party

According to a recent news article, only a third of employees enjoy their end of the year holiday party. You can change this narrative by creating an experience that motivates your employees and improves company morale. Planning corporate events aren’t always an easy feat, so our San Jose event planning company offers 6 big tips for a party that they’ll remember for a long time.
1. Decide on a theme
You do not have to go overboard with your party’s theme. You can decide to have twinkling lights with keep things simple and set the mood. Small décor hints go a long way in helping your employees and guests to loosen up and get into the Holiday spirit.
2. Pick the most appropriate time to hold your party

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13 Tips for a Successful College Send-Off Party

San Jose Private Event Caterers Offer Advice for a Stress-Free Party

College send-off parties are a fun way to create lasting memories with friends and family before moving away and starting this new chapter. They’re a great way to celebrate the end of summer, but they can also be a lot of work for those hosting them. Our full-service San Jose catering company offers 13 great tips for creating a celebratory party to send-off your recent grad.
1. Plan first
Avoid as many last-minute frustrations as possible by making all preparations as early as possible. Outline your plan for the day, including food prep and decorations.
2. Set a budget
The amount of money you are willing to spend on the party sets the tone for the whole event. Have clear expectations on how big the event will be....

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How to Get Attendees Engaged at a Corporate Event (Hint: It’s the Food)

What’s the most important part of an event? Is it the venue? The décor? Actually, it’s the food – especially at a corporate event, where getting employees and guests engaged is no easy task. Here are just a few catering food ideas to show you how food can keep your corporate events exciting for your attendees.

Hire a caterer

You don’t have to have a fancy party to hire a caterer. For example, if you’re going to plan an employee appreciation day or an in-office Christmas party, chances are your employees will look forward to it if they know the food is catered. An experienced corporate event caterer should give you a comprehensive menu that can be customized to suit your event needs. The best in the business provide in-house staff with their services....

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4 Awesome Ideas for Organizing a Perfect Private Event

No matter what occasion you're planning an event for -- birthday, anniversary, graduation, corporate party, conference, fundraiser, or something else -- you know the food and drinks you serve are important elements. That's why you want the best catering in San Jose, CA. Creating a memorable experience takes a lot of planning, preparation, and attention to detail. If you're charged with organizing an event, here are a few suggestions that may help. Brand Your Event To make your event stand out, choose a compelling theme and name it. Develop a catchy tagline and logo you can use for the invitations and for promotion. In other words, brand your event. A memorable, attention-catching brand is an invaluable tool for printed materials, media relations, and social media. Good branding increases value and visibility. It helps you create buzz. A Good Plan, the Right Tools, and an Event Team It's imperative that you create a good plan and track your tasks, timelines, and budget, as well as any other elements that may be involved, such as guest lists, speakers, registrations, or donations. Software and online tools are readily available that make it easier to create and manage all of these details, but nothing takes the place of good planning,...

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3 Reasons to Have Your Summer Vacation in San Jose

Deciding where to make a Summer getaway? Beautiful San Jose is the largest city within the Bay Area and a popular vacation destination throughout the year, but Summers in San Jose are a sight to behold. Be sure to visit our Blog for inside information on festivals and other fun adventures in and around the area, but here are 3 fantastic reasons to plan your Summer vacation in San Jose. Island Reggae Fest starts at 11am on July 14th at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. The Island Reggae Festival is an area tradition that is celebrating its 7th anniversary this year. There will be lots of live music, a Polynesian Dance Showcase, plenty of food & merchandise vendors, arts & crafts, a tattoo showcase, & unlimited carnival rides for kids 12 & under. This is a full day of fun in San Jose that you won’t want to miss so be sure to take along your lawn chair or blanket and enjoy some time in the sun. The Paper Plane in downtown San Jose is the perfect spot for a taste of signature crafted cocktails and delicious food while enjoying a late night happy hour that even includes discounts on food. They...

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10 Must Have Ingredients for Your Kitchen

When it comes to Bay Area event planning, we find that ten basic ingredients are used over and over again. Therefore, we consider these ten ingredients to be a must in every kitchen. Since water has been determined to be the most used ingredient worldwide, we consider this to be a given. So, below, we offer our ten most essential ingredients every kitchen must have: Eggs – eggs are not only a meal, of sorts, that can come in many varieties: hardboiled, soft-boiled, scrambled and/or poached, eggs are also a staple found in most baked foods because of their binding quality and ability to provide moisture. Flour – what would the world of food be like without flour? Flour has been around since the most ancient of times and is used in such universal and timeless dishes as breads, crackers, cakes cookies, coatings and gravies. Very few baked items do not include flour. Oil – while oil provides moisture and is a binding ingredient, oil also provides texture, flavor and reduces elasticity in nearly every baked item. Oil also provides variety to the cooking process, specifically frying, deep-frying, stir-fried, and also frees other foods from sticking to the pan. ...

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Spring Catering in the Bay

Ideas That Resonate Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, you can wear your sandals again without unwelcome judgment from passerby — spring is here! What better way to ring in the new season than by throwing a springtime celebration? Answer: there is no better way. It was a rhetorical question. Read on for some ideas to keep your next party as fresh as the new leaves.   Keep it green. This one seems pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it’s swept under the rug in the pursuit of an extravagant, up-to-trend party, even in the environmentally-conscious Bay Area. But there’s no need to sacrifice flavor, fun or creativity for the sake of environmental friendliness — find you a catering company that can do both! Handheld Catering is the perfect choice for sustainable, delicious and beautifully-prepared Palo Alto catering. Their farm-to-table approach to dining ensures your food this spring is as kind to the earth as the earth is to you.   Take advantage of re-opening farmers’ markets. Warmer weather means farmers’ markets are opening back up all across the country. Let your countrymen have their fun, and try your best not to brag about California’s unbeatable produce. Bay Area residents certainly know...

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Corporate Event Checklist

A corporate event can make or break your company or organization’s public image, so it’s important to ensure every aspect of the event is planned to a tee. Consult this handy checklist to make sure you’re covering all of your bases throughout the corporate event catering and planning process.   Set a date. This is your first real commitment, so make it count! Set a date that accommodates for the needs of your VIP guests and fellow staff members. If you have a specific location in mind, make sure you choose a date when your chosen venue is available. Pick a place. It’s all about atmosphere! Choose a venue that will help you cultivate the desired atmosphere for your corporate event. Lighting is key, so make sure you check out your venue at about the time of day when you plan to host the event.   Grab your calendar or grab a planner. Lay out key deadlines ahead of time — when to send out invitations, when to nail down guest speakers, when to finalize your  corporate event catering plans. Even better, reach out to an event planner in your area to offer guidance and support and lessen the...

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Beer, Wine, and Spirits: Handy Catering Tips for Planning Alcohol for Your Wedding

Stocking the Bar for a Bay Area Catering Event When you're planning an event knowing your family, friends, and other guests helps provide some ideas about how much they're likely to drink and what sorts of drinks are going to be popular. But there is more to planning drinks for wedding catering than choosing wine, beer and spirits if you want the event to be original, tasteful, and fun for everyone. 1. Talk to your Bay Area caterers. Depending on where your wedding will be as well as the level of sophistication of the drinks you want to provide, your Bay Area caterers may be able to provide alcohol directly; or you may have to purchase it from the venue or even bring it in yourself. No matter what your plan, getting details straight with service staff and deciding whether you will require a dedicated bar keep will help ensure that great drinks are readily available to your guests. 2. Decide when and how you will serve alcohol. Will you serve alcohol throughout your reception or only during certain hours? Will you provide free liquor all night long, or will your guests pay for drinks? Will your catering company operate a bar in the corner of the...

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How to Host a Great Catered Fundraising Dinner

Event Catering for Political Campaign Fundraisers and Charities You care enough about a cause to go through the time, energy and hassle to hold a  fundraiser for it. You want others to share your passion and open their pocketbooks so that the mission can enjoy much needed funding. Catering dinners for charities or political campaigns is no small task. But it can be done effectively, and you can create a memorable, inspiring event, provided you follow a few ground rules: 1. Issue appropriate invitations. When hosting a fundraising dinner, send formal invitations to guests that include all of the details for the private event, as well as the RSVP deadline. Avoid invitations that are too colorful or flashy. Can you do everything online? It depends. But if you’re looking to make a powerful impression that you mean business, a more formal card through the mail is probably the way to go. 2. Choose the right Bay Area catering company. Do not leave the food up to chance or up to a company that’s just getting started doing this work. To wow your guests, your dinner must be both tasty and elegant. The best catering businesses that have experience hosting formal fundraising dinners can walk you...

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