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6 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas from San Jose Event Caterers

Full-Service Event Caterer's Tips for a Perfect Corporate Holiday Party

According to a recent news article, only a third of employees enjoy their end of the year holiday party. You can change this narrative by creating an experience that motivates your employees and improves company morale. Planning corporate events aren’t always an easy feat, so our San Jose event planning company offers 6 big tips for a party that they’ll remember for a long time.
1. Decide on a theme
You do not have to go overboard with your party’s theme. You can decide to have twinkling lights with keep things simple and set the mood. Small décor hints go a long way in helping your employees and guests to loosen up and get into the Holiday spirit.
2. Pick the most appropriate time to hold your party

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How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Halloween Party

San Jose Event Catering Company Offers Tips on Halloween Party Planning

Summer will be over before we know it, and for some, Halloween is already on the mind. Believe it or not, now is the time to start planning that big corporate Halloween party that’s become an annual tradition. Yes, we know it’s only July, but our San Jose full-service catering company has already received several inquiries for corporate Halloween catering. Below we share the ultimate Halloween party checklist. 
1. Choose a theme
Choosing a theme for your corporate Halloween party not only sets the stage for the celebrations of the day but also brings about cohesive energy. It also gives your guests an idea of how to dress up. You will want to choose decorations that reflect and complement your theme. Common Halloween themes include Jack-O-Lantern, Scary Movie or Costume parties....

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7 Tips for Organizing a Successful Corporate Event

Corporate Event Catering Tips

Corporations organize events for different reasons: To launch a product or an idea, foster relationships with new and existing customers, show appreciation for employees, or even to hold fundraising. There is a lot that goes into planning a successful corporate event. In this post, we discuss the top seven tips for organizing your next corporate event.
1. Understand the basics
Before delving into the details of the event, know what the event is about and what you aim to achieve when all is said and done. Is it a team building event, fundraiser, networking event, company retreat, or Holiday party? This will help you organize an event with a theme that suits your intended objective.
2. Come up with a list of what will be used
Once you have an idea on what your event is all about, you can decide on decorations, entertainment, food and drinks, transportation, accommodation, and so on. Using a full-service catering company, like Handheld Catering, will help you kill multiple birds with one stone, so to speak. We handle everything from the decor to the food....

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Questions to Ask Your Corporate Catering Company

San Jose Corporate Catering FAQs

There are a lot of factors at play when it comes to corporate catering--from dietary restrictions and menu customization, to venue decor and setup. It’s imperative you choose an experienced corporate caterer to pull off a successful event. We’ve compiled a list of questions that will help you select the right company for your corporate event catering needs.
1. Can I customize the menu?
Yes, you can. We are more than happy to create a customized menu for you or mix-and-match your preferences with our existing menu options. Simply let us know what your exact catering needs are.
2. Some of my guests have dietary restrictions. Do you have menus for such?
Absolutely! We are a full-service San Jose event catering company that believes in giving our clients menu options for those with dairy-free, gluten-free, organic, vegetarian, and vegan diets. ...

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Benefits of a Corporate Happy Hour

Why We’re Catering More Silicon Valley Corporate Happy Hour Events

The typical nine-to-five grind is quite demanding to the vast majority of employees. The office environment is not exactly conducive for the formation of social bonds either. Silicon Valley is full of corporations who value company culture, and with this, we’ve seen an increase in the popularity of happy hours. Happy hours came about through the 20th century Navy. The sailors were allowed to take some time in the afternoons to let off steam by engaging in group activities like dancing, sports, or watching movies. This was a way of boosting their morale just as it does for employees of today. Here are 4 ways your employees could benefit from regular happy hours at the office:...

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How to Plan a Breakfast Catering Menu That Makes Everyone a Morning Person

Fuel Guests and Employees with Corporate Breakfast Catering

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, however, a whopping 31 million Americans skip breakfast every day. This is because of time constraints, the expenses involved, and a lack of appetite in the morning. So, how do you come up with an appealing breakfast catering menu? 1. Have a breakfast station This is an excellent way of displaying your breakfast menu. You can have a pancake, omelet, bacon, waffle, and fruits station. A breakfast station comes in handy in any corporate catering event especially with upper and mid-level attendees. 2. Include healthy options With the increased awareness in health and wellness, most people are looking for caterers and hotels that have a ‘healthy’ menu. This is quite challenging especially if yours is a small startup. One effective way of making your breakfast menu healthier is by eliminating anything fried. Consider including low-fat spreads, whole grain breads, vegetables and fruits, and granola options....

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Why Catered Lunches are Great for Team Building

5 Benefits of San Jose Office Catering

Could your team benefit from some motivation and team building exercises? Start with something simple: a catered office lunch! Believe it or not, a catered lunch can be the perfect platform to forge relationships, build solidarity, and increase progress toward common goals in the workplace. Consider hiring a local and full-service event catering company, with experience in corporate event catering, that will handle everything from the planning of the menu, to decor and flowers, to serving the food and other event details--so you can focus on engaging your team.


Feeding your team farm-to-fork food right in the office can greatly improve productivity. Studies show that creating an engaging and casual environment for your staff to interact can increase how productive they are on the job. Consider San Jose office catering as an investment in a strong bottom-line....

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5 Party Trends for 2019

With your help, 2019 can be the year of great parties. No matter the occasion—a birthday party, a corporate event, or a fundraiser—your party will be a huge hit with these party trends. For even more help making your event a success, reach out to a private event planner in San Jose, CA. Finger Appetizers One of the most important parts of any gathering is the food. People go to events anticipating the food, and what you serve can easily make or break the occasion. Make sure your guests aren’t distracted and anxiously waiting for the food to be served by offering delicious appetizers right at the start of the party. Many hosts are opting for more finger and handheld foods because these options are easy to eat and don’t require much cleanup. Custom Signage Avoid the tacky streamers and opt for more personal decor with custom signs. This is a trend that will continue for a while, because custom signage elevates the evening and immediately pumps up guests as soon as they arrive. Neon signs are a big hit, but you can also make custom paper lanterns, spray paint the walls, or hang classy banners. You can even follow the trend of dessert...

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Things to Think about as You Plan Your Corporate Event

One of the tougher aspects of corporate event planning for the customer is deciding what to include at the event. Do you want a cocktail party or dinner? Open bar or cash? Seating or no? Even if you are planning on looking at corporate event planning companies in San Jose, CA, for your event, there are still many things you need to decide on in coordination with your corporate event planner. Here are a few of them.   Booze or No, Open or Cash Only This is a difficult question because virtually everyone knows someone at a corporate event who “had a little too much.” The first question you have to answer is about your corporate culture. Are cocktails expected? Are they expected to be free to employees and a guest? What controls need to be in place to make sure everyone has fun, but not too much fun? All these questions come down to your corporate culture, what your employees expect and what your budget is.   Food – Finger or Dinner or Something in Between Cocktail events with finger-style food are popular because of price and convenience. They also allow for mingling of guests that a more formal affair does not easily. Your corporate...

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Cater Your Product Launch!

Business catering is hard enough on its own. You have to take a lot into account if you’re going about it properly. When you’re in the middle of launching your product, the last thing you have to think about is the actual product launch party’s little tidbits of information and detail. You are launching your idea into the minds of everyone attending, after all. You’ve got a lot on your mind, which is why you should put your trust in the hands of a business catering company that has done this before. Business Catering Comes With High Expectations If you’re going to cater an entire party, then you’re going to need two things: quantity, and quality. When you’re diving into the thick of it, there are a few things that attendees (not to mention investors and potential customers) associate with one another. If you’ve put little to no effort into your actual product launch event, then it’s going to reflect poorly on the rest of the affair. You need to hit the nail on the head from start to finish. Happy bellies, happy people. You Don’t Have Time To Call Fifty Vendors Okay, maybe not fifty, but you shouldn’t have to call a rental...

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