How to Choose the Best Wedding Catering Company for Your Venue

Wedding Catering Tips to Consider with the Venue Sometimes the search for reliable wedding catering companies can seem overwhelming. Hundreds of potential vendors might be able to help you throw a memorable event for your guests. But how should you think more constructively about the selection and planning process? Whether you’re strategizing a laid back, bohemian reception or a formal, classical meal, consider the expectations of your guests. What foods will complement the theme of your wedding day? What emotional experiences do you want your guests to have? Once you select a venue, you will be constrained in terms of which catering companies you can choose. Many venues only work with a prescribed list of caterers. So if you know a preferred caterer – perhaps someone you met through planning a corporate catering in the Bay Area, for instance, who did an amazing job – ask him or her which venues they service before choosing your venue. Your event catering company will likely offer several different serving styles, from family style table serving to a heavy appetizers cocktail party. Depending on the events and your schedule, you can choose anything from a small tasting menu to a full, three-course meal. Remember that tasting the menu...

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Handheld Catering Assists Bay Area Leaders at Stanford Corporate Catering Event

Fresh, Innovative Thinking Deserves Fresh, Delectable Cuisine The San Francisco Bay Area continues to be a hubspot for innovation, progress and forward thinkers. Recently, we had a chance to serve Palo Alto’s finest leaders at a corporate catering event for the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR). Great minds came together to discuss pressing economic trends while enjoying the best catering in the Silicon Valley. The night’s debates and topics of discussion were enriched by the quality customer service and elaborate dinner menu. Guests enjoyed a refreshing first course salad made from mixed greens, sweet pomegranates, dried figs, heirloom cherry tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, dried cranberries and savory balsamic vinaigrette. Following the first course was a decadent entree consisting of fresh succulent shrimp and juicy marinated lamb on a bed of flavorful lemon grass pilaf, evenly braised brussel sprouts and rich saffron cream. The idea of masterminds coming together while enjoying our catering services makes what we do all the more important. We take our food seriously and often undergo extensive planning to deliver quality results. For this event, Chef Ryan spent many days fine tuning the menu with Midori Chun, Handheld’s Director of Operations, in order to keep the menu in-line with SIEPR’s 100 person guest...

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Handheld Catering: Now A Member of the International Caterers Association

The Best Catering Gets Even Better At Handheld Catering, we're committed to providing the best catering services for our clients. To underscore that commitment, we've become a member of the International Caterers Association (ICA). The ICA is the premier catering association dedicated to the highest standards in professionalism and excellence. Membership in the ICA is one more way we can help our clients feel confident in our ability to serve their needs, both at the table and behind the scenes. Of course, the other way is by providing superior event catering that offers amazing food and top-notch customer service, so your guests feel pampered and your event feels as special and memorable as you'd hoped. We use only the freshest produce and cook it on site with our mobile kitchen, so the taste is beyond compare. Plus, our event coordinator can handle all the time-consuming, behind-the scenes issues, so all you have to do is enjoy. Plan Your Next Bay Area Event With Us! From wedding catering to business events to birthdays and other special occasions, Handheld Catering offers the broadest array of options as well as expert advice, so you can customize your event without a lot of hassle. Give us a call...

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San Jose Breakfast Catering

Reasons to Offer a Catered Corporate Breakfast

The Most Important Catered Meal It’s a well known expression; “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” But it’s well known for a reason; research suggests that eating your large meal of the day early can improve mental sharpness and morale. Businesses can benefit from corporate catering to improve relationships and set the right tone for meetings. Whether you’re planning a small team gathering or a board meeting, when you provide awesome breakfast food, you set the table (so to speak) to make that 7:00 a.m. meeting more useful and fun. Consider these other reasons to offer a catered corporate breakfast: Versatile options. Quality event catering companies can provide a number of different breakfast offerings, ranging from traditional, to continental, to vegetarian. Healthy employees and partners. Breakfast meetings allow your teams to start out the day right and enjoy high-energy and good spirits. Proper nutrition can have a profound impact on employee productivity and creativity. Solidify relationships. People enjoy coming together over a common meal. Breakfast can soften the impact of a bad report or encourage good interactions among teams. So… what’s for breakfast? Some possible breakfast catering dishes could include simple croissants, Danishes, assorted muffins, and fresh juices. Breakfast spreads can also be...

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Best Event Catering Bay Area

How to Cater for Large Crowds

Festival and Corporate Catering Just because you’re planning a crowded Bay Area affair doesn't mean you must serve up a “blah” buffet or one-size-fits-all plated meals. There are plenty of fun, creative ways to cater for large crowds. Here are a few of the best event catering styles: Take a page from street festivals to introduce a scrumptious, exotic variety of foods. For instance, you could set up different booths, each one featuring cuisines from other countries. You could even intersperse these stands with activities for kids. Serve communal meals at giant banquet tables to provide a sense of belonging and warmth. Inject some soul into a large corporate event or family gathering. Use lazy Susans with centerpieces to share plates. This is a great idea for bringing employees together at corporate catering events. Deploy the food trucks! The secret is out; food trucks are no longer just for hipsters. Hire a few different trucks to come and park for the duration of the party. Our mobile kitchen not only guarantees your food will be hot and fresh, it’s a great conversation piece and a spectacle to watch! Set...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Catering

Event Catering 101 Event catering requires a delicate balance. Cost, décor, food, and support must all work together to ensure seamless execution. Getting the details right is often the deciding factor between success and failure. Do: Talk to your corporate catering team about numbers. Gauging the right numbers ensures guests will receive appropriate, considerate service. Avoid over-estimating; doing so can drain your budget and prevent you from using that money on other catering elements. Create a thoughtful menu. Your food should match the tone of the event and the time of day. Include a variety of options for vegetarians, paleo dieters, low carb/diabetic dieters and those with food allergies. Consider your caterer’s time frame. Venues often require booking in advance of a party for the set up. Always ask your caterer for a timeframe and respect his or her needs for the best results. Don’t: Surprise your caterer. Even the best catering company will have difficulty accommodating last minute changes, particularly if they require extra time or are complex to execute. Think about how complicated a change will be before making a request. Send out all the food...

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Corporate Catering Sunnyvale

Advantages of Hiring Catering Services for Corporate Events

Corporate Catering in the Bay Area Hosting a successful work event in the Bay Area can be a tall task. You need to bring enough food, serve it, keep the food heated for the event's duration, deal with special diets, and accommodate any number of other special requests. As the number of people attending your event grows, budgeting for food -- and determining the menu – can become increasingly difficult. Hiring a catering company for your corporate event can save you time and shield you against frustration. A corporate catering company can help you put together a sound menu and ensure that it satisfies everyone’s needs (be it vegetarian, vegan, low fat, etc). Caterers have experience dealing with dish variations, and they should be able to develop options for even the most persnickety guests. The best catering companies can also supplement the atmosphere and setting of your party. Intimate, posh dining doesn't benefit from a hamburger and spaghetti spread. Catering companies can take the basics of providing food and bring it into the realm of artistic expression. They can arrange the food and group dishes by smell and appeal to contribute to an upscale aesthetic. Hire the Best Caterers for your Event! Take the stress of food preparation...

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How to Throw a Winning Super Bowl Party

Bay Area Event Catering The internet is filled with great ideas for throwing a memorable Super Bowl party. Foods like cheesy dips, finger foods, and unique drinks can steal the show, but a winning party should also include fantastic décor and great company. Consider these event catering tips to make the best of your Super Bowl extravaganza. Team accent coloring. Whether you’re praying for a Seattle repeat or hoping Tom Brady and Bill Belichick take home their first Lombardi trophy in more than a decade, support your favorite team with linens, t-shirts, and other decorations in their colors. Try making ice cubes with water colored with food dye so your guests can fix a drink that shows off their team’s colors. Offer a signature cocktail. The best catering companies often create signature drinks at events. For instance, if you’re rooting for Seattle, you might create a cocktail based on local northwest microbrews or even coffee. If you’re pulling for New England, stock your fridge with Sam Adams lager or create a cocktail based on Irish whiskey. Use festive straws and unique -- but easy to clean glasses! -- and you’re on your way to a great...

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Wedding Catering Silicon Valley

Wedding Brunch: A Growing Trend

Wedding Catering Tips Add a unique flair to your wedding ceremony by hosting a brunch reception instead of a more traditional dinner reception. With a morning wedding and brunch reception, you can enjoy a wider range of fantastic foods and have a more relaxed, casual celebration. (Alternatively, you can throw a brunch the day after the dinner reception to say “thanks again” to friends and relatives who’ve traveled from out of town and to keep the good vibes going.) Consider these tips to plan an ideal wedding brunch that will be remembered fondly for years: Offer luscious indulgences. An event catering specialist can use her expertise to create a menu laden with brunch classics like french toast casserole, omelettes, or frittatas. Handheld Catering features a variety of frittata choices, including bacon and cheddar cheese with fresh herbs and potato, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, and fresh herbs. Have fun with drinks. Sipping spirits can spark exciting conversations and encourage people to be more social and celebratory. Consider setting up a mimosa bar or offering specialty teas or exotic juices to make your brunch reception sparkle. Serving brunch drinks at your wedding reception is a good way to break away...

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Company Holiday Party Planning 101

5 Tips for Planning a Successful Corporate Event The company holiday party is a tradition across America; and these corporate events can range from fun gatherings that no one wants to leave to an awkward party that can lead to plenty of social stiffness. There is a certain skill involved in planning a fun, company holiday party, but the process isn’t magic. Here are 5 tips and tricks for a successful party that will boost morale and leave everyone in good spirits: Arrange a game. Introverts and shy coworkers often find holiday parties to be absolutely torturous. A fun game can help to break the ice and get people talking and interacting with one another. Have a white elephant gift exchange or, if you’re really adventurous, a game of pictionary. Play some music. No party is complete without music, and while your coworkers may not want to dance with each other (a la NBC’s The Office), playing some tunes provides some background ambiance for the party and can lighten the mood. Hire good catering. A corporate catering company can provide great food for your party and alleviate the stress of preparing a...

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