Growing Demand for Weekend Brunch Catering

Wake Up the Day After a Wedding with Early Afternoon Brunch Catering Brunch is a glorious meal for many reasons, chief among which is that it allows people to sleep in on the weekends yet still enjoy wonderful food and the company of good friends. Not everyone embraces the brunch concept – some anti-Hipsters even openly deride the “brunching trend” – but the experience has always been a popular catering request on Sundays in California. Now brunch demand has spilled over into Saturdays, as diners often opt out of breakfast in favor of extra sleep, and indulge in brunch well after normal breakfast time has passed. The Logistics Generally speaking, brunch is popular among people with disposable income and the time to enjoy it. Busy weekday mornings mean few adults (especially those with children) have the time or inclination to eat a leisurely breakfast. The weekend allows for more relaxed dining, but some object to rising early simply to eat. Brunch fills this niche. The Changes Breakfast and brunch used to be prepared by less experienced chefs who were still learning their trade. Today, top catering chefs are the ones in charge of the kitchen. People expect more than the usual blasé fare of bagels and Eggs Benedict,...

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Express Your Unique Style with Bay Area Wedding Catering

Top Food Trends Seen in Wedding Catering The San Francisco Bay Area is well known for setting trends in style and food. As wedding caterers watch as knots are tied from San Jose to San Francisco the only constant is unique selection of food and beverages. As you plan your own, uniquely you, wedding catering we hope that you'll be inspired by some of the trends we see emerging. Recognize what you love, make your day personal, and plan a memorable feast for your friends and family.  Comfort Foods Showcase your favorite food and drinks at the reception. It doesn’t matter what meals you and your fiancé enjoy; a great wedding caterer should be able to find creative ways to add style to the presentation. For instance: Serve burgers and fries wrapped in monogrammed napkins. Give your guests the perfect bite of a grilled cheese sandwich with a tomato soup shooter. Skewer a meatball, add a little spaghetti and dipping sauce, and your guests will love it. Serve drinks that you enjoy, or create a signature drink for your big day. Eat and Drink Local Create a menu using local seasonal foods. Your guests will love...

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What Does ‘Farm-to-Table’ Really Mean?

Farm-to-Table Food Doesn't Necessarily Mean Organic or Non-GMO Over the past decade, thanks to books like Gary Taubes’ Good Calories, Bad Calories and documentaries like Food Inc. and That Sugar Film, more and more consumers have begun to question where and how their food is grown. In response, the food, event catering and restaurant industries are rushing to evolve to meet this need for “real food” which has come to include farm to table, organic food, and foods free of genetically modified ingredients. The so-called Farm-to-Table movement began with the goal of eliminating as many steps as possible between the farmer and the consumer. However, there are two distinct views as to what Farm-to-Table actually means. Traditional Farm to Table This is the most literal definition of the term. Caterers and restaurants who offer traditional Farm-to-Table meals will: Purchase food that is locally grown, often within a set radius such as 100 or 200 miles. Change their menus with the seasons, since only seasonally available produce is used. Use organic foods as much as possible. (This depends on the chef.) Many of the best catering businesses and restaurants follow this practice. Pragmatic Farm to Table Other chefs are less...

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Beer, Wine, and Spirits: Handy Catering Tips for Planning Alcohol for Your Wedding

Stocking the Bar for a Bay Area Catering Event When you're planning an event knowing your family, friends, and other guests helps provide some ideas about how much they're likely to drink and what sorts of drinks are going to be popular. But there is more to planning drinks for wedding catering than choosing wine, beer and spirits if you want the event to be original, tasteful, and fun for everyone. 1. Talk to your Bay Area caterers. Depending on where your wedding will be as well as the level of sophistication of the drinks you want to provide, your Bay Area caterers may be able to provide alcohol directly; or you may have to purchase it from the venue or even bring it in yourself. No matter what your plan, getting details straight with service staff and deciding whether you will require a dedicated bar keep will help ensure that great drinks are readily available to your guests. 2. Decide when and how you will serve alcohol. Will you serve alcohol throughout your reception or only during certain hours? Will you provide free liquor all night long, or will your guests pay for drinks? Will your catering company operate a bar in the corner of the...

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How to Host a Great Catered Fundraising Dinner

Event Catering for Political Campaign Fundraisers and Charities You care enough about a cause to go through the time, energy and hassle to hold a  fundraiser for it. You want others to share your passion and open their pocketbooks so that the mission can enjoy much needed funding. Catering dinners for charities or political campaigns is no small task. But it can be done effectively, and you can create a memorable, inspiring event, provided you follow a few ground rules: 1. Issue appropriate invitations. When hosting a fundraising dinner, send formal invitations to guests that include all of the details for the private event, as well as the RSVP deadline. Avoid invitations that are too colorful or flashy. Can you do everything online? It depends. But if you’re looking to make a powerful impression that you mean business, a more formal card through the mail is probably the way to go. 2. Choose the right Bay Area catering company. Do not leave the food up to chance or up to a company that’s just getting started doing this work. To wow your guests, your dinner must be both tasty and elegant. The best catering businesses that have experience hosting formal fundraising dinners can walk you...

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Which of the Top 3 Wedding Catering Styles is Right for Your Reception?

Bay Area Wedding Caterers Weigh Pros and Cons of Wedding Reception Serving Styles Your wedding should be the most special day of your life – or at least in the top 20 or so! Needless to say, you want everything to be perfect. You want your guests to enjoy themselves, and you’d like for the gossip about your event to be as positive as possible. Use the information below to determine the best Bay Area wedding catering style for your big day. 1. Buffets Most wedding caterers offer a range of buffet options, which give guests the freedom to choose which foods they will eat and in what quantity. However, guests will need to wait in line and serve themselves, which is typically not great for a formal setting. This style is great for your budget and for those looking for a fairly casual reception atmosphere and frees guests up to dance and mingle more readily than a plated dinner does. 2. Food Stations Different types of food will be spread around the room, and guests can visit different stations throughout the night. This style of catering reduces wait times and provides guests with more freedom. You can also feature cultural dishes that mean...

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Prepping for your New Year’s Catering Event

Bay Area Caterer Shares Its Best Ideas With You! 2016 fast approaches. If you’re planning a big shindig at your beachside home or brainstorming a massive party for your start up, it’s past time to start thinking about your New Year's event catering needs. Below are some tips to help you plan your menu. 1. Present food in a new and exciting way. It’s 2016; we’re well into the second decade of the 21st century. That means old and clunky and predictable won’t cut it. Wow your guests by presenting your dishes in a unique and memorable manner. For example, serve salad in a non-traditional dish, such as a mason jar. Or get modern and crazy – and capitalize on the green energy themes of the moment – and serve drinks with LED ice cubes. Talk to a Silicon Valley catering company for more ideas. 2. Don't serve boring, “blah” dishes that look like the distilled essence of winter – gray and withered. When planning your New Year's menu, surprise and delight with new twists on shrimp scampi or orange chicken or a 32-ingredient salad. Aim for bright colors and a festive array of flavors. 3. Set up a themed food bar. Those who follow corporate catering trends...

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Show your employees you care this holiday season

Unique Catered Company Holiday Party Ideas

Create an Event that your Employees will Remember for Years to Come [caption id="attachment_22180" align="alignleft" width="300"] Pink peppercorn crusted Halibut topped with a mango micro green salad over a coconut sticky rice cake, saffron cream sauce, & chive oil[/caption] [caption id="attachment_22181" align="alignright" width="300"] Pan-seared prime ribeye over a Kobacha squash puree, seasonal butter braised vegetables, roasted heirloom potatoes, Buerre Blanc sauce, & balsamic reduction[/caption] [caption id="attachment_22198" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Sous Vide farm fresh asparagus & egg yolk with black truffles & a micro green salad with fried leeks[/caption]   Hosting a company holiday party with the help of a Bay Area corporate catering company shows your staff how much you appreciate them. Here are three powerful and underutilized ideas to make your party memorable and fun, inspire better performance and get 2016 off to a winning start.  1. Set up a fun gift exchange. Get all of your employees involved in the festivities. Structure it like a Secret Santa, or make things even more interesting with a Yankee Swap/White Elephant exchange. Appoint one person to do the hard, unforgiving work of collecting everyone’s gift choices via email and pairing people off. Cater the gift exchange with Secret Santa themed noshes, like reindeer shaped cookies or peppermint chocolates. 2. Choose...

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Winter Holiday Party Ideas

Whether it’s Corporate Catering or a Potluck, Make Your People Feel Appreciated During the Winter Holidays

Here are a Few Different Ways You Can Bring your Company Together This Holiday Season The winter holidays are a perfect time to let your employees know how important they are to your company. Here are three tried and tested strategies to make your staff feel appreciated. Dinner or lunch catering. Show your appreciation to your employees by catering a meal close to the holiday. Be sure to choose a day when most people are working and will be able to take a long lunch. As you consider different caterers for the job, look for one that specializes in catering corporate events near the holidays. Potluck. If you cannot afford to hire an event catering company, host a potluck, instead. Each of your employees can bring a favorite dish, which keeps your cost and stress levels low. Meal sign-ups. If you want to host a lunch or dinner, but you'd rather not take on all of the responsibility, provide the main dish and ask your employees to sign up for different sides and desserts. This approach ensures that you will have everything you need for the meal without going over budget. Looking for more advice from a Professional Catering Company? Giving back to your team by honoring them can facilitate a...

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